Airman Advisory Council EPR Bullets

Unit Advisory Council (UAC)

- UAC President; coor'd holiday party/utilized creative fundraising to offset ticket costs--lauded by DTRA-E site chief

Airman Advisory Council (AAC)

- Peer leader; elected secretary for Amn/NCO council--coord'd with wg ldrsp to plan, hold 2019 mil ball

- Active Airmen! Sq AAAC rep; created 'Airmen for Hire' program--provided deployed families free gardening

- AAAC representative; briefed FTAC Amn on benefits/opportunities--energized QoL/bolstered Aviano capes

- Dedicated time for two 4th of July food booths; cooked/served for 31 MUNS/AAAC booths--raised $800 total

- Wing AAAC President; informed FW CC/CCC on Amn QoL/raised $3.6K for Amn Bash--lauded by FW/CC

- Community-minded individual; volunteered 18 hrs to 8 FW "A-cubed" program--epitomized wing-man concept

- Member of 8 FW 'A-cubed' program; vol'd 18 hrs towards safety of fellow amn--epitomized wing-man concept

- Peer leader; member of Aviano Airmen's Advisory Council--ensured Airmen's voice heard by FW leadership

5/6   /First 4

- Org'd 5/6 DSD panel; liais'd w/9 agencies/solicited 8 gst speakers/hosted lunch--postured 24 Amn f/future ldrship pos

- Involved! Nominated 5/6 Treasurer/Vol'd 6 hrs to Fall Fest '14; coord'd CDC/AYP booths--unified 6K patrons

- 5/6 President; donated $9K for 14 wg events/oversaw professional growth x130 jr enl--upfront ldr/1.5K NCOs

- Participant in First Four meetings; arranged two squadron trips/events--bolstered QoL for deployed members

- Joined Junior Enlisted Council; gathered flt involvement--aided in recruitment of two new members to council

- Active Focus 5/6 mbr; led food pantry detail, manned Right Start booth...fed 200 families/recruited 4 new mbrs

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