Air Force Assistance Fund EPR Bullets

- Led unit AFAF program; 100% employees contacted/two wks--raised $2010; exceeded division goal by 56%

- Flt rep for AF Aid; contacted 115 personnel/petitioned for contributions--effort raised $600/enhanced AF QoL

- Key mbr during AFAF campaign; vol'd 4 hrs/briefed 21 prsnl--tm generated $4.3K/39 donors/bested gp goal by 116%

- Wg Key Pgm Officer for AFAF; secured 100% contact/harvested $50K for AF charities--exceeded base goal by 22%

- XX AFAF projo; led XX prsnl/edu'd XXX Amn on 4 charities--netted $XK in donations/doubled CY20 contributions

- Sq UPO for AFAF; trained XX key workers, org'd fundraisers--contrib'd $8.5K/lgst donation f/ Amn & family mbrs

- Key worker for AFAF; informed xx mbrs about charity/100% contact/raised $xx, contrib'd to $8.5K f/AD and ret Amn

- Vol'd as AFAF Key worker; informed xx members about pgrm/100% contact, raised $8.5K, sustained nat #l charity

- Squadron AFAF rep; achieved 100% contact; propelled Gp to raise $3K; contributed to Wg mtg 100% of goal

- Flt AFAF representative; achieved 100% contact/encouraged charitable donations--exceeded MXS goal by 7%

- Trustworthy; AF Assistance Fund POC--ensured 100% section contacted/raised $9K for family mbrs in need

- Coordinated with all base agencies; provided relief with $70,193 in emergency assistance for 141 families

- Motivated AFAF representative; 100% contact/167 mbrs/secured $4K donations--crucial to Wg's $21K f/ nat'l charity

- Sq Air Force Assistance Fund representative; collected $4.1K--surpassed goal by 60%/sustained nat'l charity

- Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign representative--100% personnel contacted--base raised over $174,000

- Assisted with Air Force Assistance Fund--helped unit raise over $18K--148% over unit goal of just over $7K

- Donated to AF Aid Society; collected money available for Amn if needed--$90,692 emerg funds issued locally

- Out-in-front Amn; Sections's AFAF/AFAS drive rep/ 100% contact made--Sq raised 17K of 120K wing wide

- Secured donations for AFAF; accounted & inventoried $6K--38% above sq goal/contributed to 31st FW $78K

- Spearheaded FY2012 AFAF campaign; made contact with four 43d AG agencies--recieved $2K+ in donations

- Sq Air Force Assistance Fund representative; collected $4.1K--surpassed goal by 60%/sustained nat'l charity

- Vol'd as AFAF POC; aided prgm raise $138.5K--achieved 112% of goal/highest fundraising to date for WG

- Volunteered as section AFAF rep; 100% contact/24 members/raised 1.8K--vaulted sq 13.5K/2.5K over goal

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) EPR Bullets

- Mngd flt AF Aid Campaign; ensured 100% contact w/25+ flt prsnl--raised $791 ISO 125+ GSU Amn & family mbrs

- Donated to AF Aid Society; ensured money available for Amn if needed--$90,692 emer funds issued locally

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