CDC and UGT EPR Bullets

Career Development Course (CDC)

- #1 of 19 in 5 lvl upgrade; compl CDC's/61 core tasks 5 months ahead of peers--92% EOC exam/section's best

- Accomplished CDC's 9 months ahead of schedule; scored 92% on EOC/certified on 35/35 tasks--earned 5 lvl

- Annihilated upgrade trng! Completed A-set CDC < 2 mos/84% on EOC exam--core tsk qualified in only 4 mos

- Attacked educational goal; finished CDC's material/all upgrade training tasks two months early--awarded 5-lvl

- Balanced CDC demands/personal goals; earned 9 semester hrs towards CCAF degree--maintained 2.75 GPA

- Completed CDC's 4 mos early/garnered 97% on crse exam; 80/112 tasks completed--primed for 5-lvl upgrade

- Driven Amn; completed 5-level CDC/147 tasks for upgrade; scored 91% on EOC--beat career fld avg of 79%

- Excelled in upgrade trng/CDC completion; avg'd 87% on EOC exams--100% core task certified 4 mos early

- Excelled on upgrade qual/CDC completion; 84% avg on EOC exams--100% core task certified in under 3 mos

- Finished CDCs 20 days ahead of schedule; 100% qual'd on 224 tasks--7 lvl up-grade rdy w/ 88% on EOC test

- Leading peers; completed four CDC vols/cert'd on 30 critical TBA tasks--ahead of schedule for 5-lvl upgrade

- Leading peers; scored 95% on second CDC set/cert'd on 97 core TBA tasks--ahead of sched for 5-lvl upgrade

- Mastered CDCs; scored 90%; employed skill/tuned radar receiver--enhanced detection of acft in inclement wx

On-the-Job Training (OJT) & Upgrade Training (UGT)

- Expedited UGT; completed CDC's in 33 days/awd'd coin by SQ/CC for top marks--Scored 95% on end of course test

- Achieved professional development; completed 5-lvl upgrade trng/certified on 25 tasks--upgraded 2 mos early

- Attacked career field 5-level rqmts; completed 139 tasks 1 mo early--drastically increased on-job proficiency

- Awarded 5-level certification; completed 139 section prerequisites--achieved three months ahead of schedule

- Completed 61/61 core tasks in 9 mo; achieved 3 mos ahead of schedule--smashed AF 12 mo upgrade standard

- Completed OJT 6 mos early; qualified on 59 upgrade tasks/scored 94% on EOC--contributed to 1.2K mx actns

- Exceptional Amn; completed 139 5-lvl upgrade task requirements < 6 months--increased sect capabilities 20%

- Finished 61/61 5-lvl upgrade tasks in nine months; smashed twelve month AF std--three months ahead of time

- Flew thru upgrade trng! trained/cert'd 360 tasks/86% on EOC 4 mos early--trng/academic standards surpassed

- Mastered 405 OJT tasks; surpassed trng requirement 4 mos early--exercised knowledge/enhanced work ctr mx

- Tackled upgrade trng; finished career development course material/2 EOCs 3 mos early--awarded 5-skill level

- Shined in UGT; achieved 92% on EoC exam/100% qualified on all tasks--met req 4 months ahead of schedule

- Fulfilled 98 upgrade tasks; fully qual'd <6 months, destroyed 18-month std--raised section's proficiency by 5%

- Driven maintainer; sought jobs that facilitated the completion of 61 F-16 UGT tasks--all core tasks completed

- Soared through upgrade! expertly completed 258 tasks < 9 months--5 skill lvl awarded 90 days ahead of peers

- Qualified 134 OJT tasks; stand-by tech ready in 3 vs 12 wks/solved 15 outages--delivered 98.9% uptime rate

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