Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) EPR Bullets

- Sq CFC rep; engaged 300+ Amn/10 workcenters w/100% contact--wg earned $40K emer funds for 5K prsnl

- 31 AMXS primary CFC representative, ensured 100% prsnl contact 2 wks--cemented Sq's $28K donation goal

- AMU CFC rep; led 5 man team/204 Amn 100% contact <1 wk--raised 5K to charities/led MXG/FW beat goal!

- Aided Sq's CFC Overseas effort; ensured 200 TDY Amn contacted--$17K raised/catalyzed 31 FW's >$221K

- Alternate key person for CFC; contacted 12 personnel/collected $42 towards CFC--ensured continuous support

- Directed section CFC effort; contacted 52 Amn/briefed objectives--$600 raised to assist >25 charitable orgs

- Division CFC representative--raised over $1.7K in 1st week--exceeded goal expectations for various charities

- Donated to Combined Federal Campaign; $123K raised--contributions helped exceed wing donation goal 37%

- Drove CFC effort; unit raised $17K, USAFE "All-star"; bolstered $2.5M AF effort--$42K more than FY 2011

- Drove sq CFC initiative; liaised w/9 units/led 4 Amn/organized BW fund raiser...max'd 6K base prsnl spt opportunity

- Flight coordinator for Combined Federal Campaign fund-raiser--netted over $800--achieved 114% of goal

- Flt CFC rep; 100% contact of 179 staff mbrs/$810 contributed to base target of $182K--exceeded goal by 34%

- Flt CFC rep; achieved 100% contact/Wg raised $236K/18% increase from FY11--DoD grossed record $280M

- Flt CFC rep; contacted 50 mbrs accounted for $3.8K--bolstered funding of federal employee charity donations

- Led AMU CFC effort; rallied 230 prsnl/secured 100% contact--provided aid 2.5K charities/FW raised $250K

- Led CFC campaign; raised $3K in first week/10% increase from last year--AMXS poised to beat '12 numbers

- Led unit CFC donation drive; contributed to $260K in donation for 1062 charities by 3 WG; most raised in AK

- Managed flight CFC fundraiser; organized event/12 vols--raised $364/Sq collected $13K to support campaign

- Promoted CFC, #1 unit on base; wg participation rate jumped 66%--31 FW $235K total/crushed goal by $20K

- Promoted as CFC orator; collected $17K from AMXS towards 31 FW $235K--crushed $215K goal by 110%

- Section CFC rep; enabled 100% contact/$5K raised by AMU--directly supported MXG >$17K/31 FW $130K

- Sq CFC keyworker; 100% contact/$7.4K donated--cemented unit's 85% participation rate/awd'd "Gold" status

- Sq's CFC representative, ensured 100% personal contact--wg earned $303K/surpassed established goal 30%

- Supported 3rd annual POW/MIA 24-hr vigil run--nine tracks/7.2K runners/18K miles/$17.5K raised for CFC

- Unit Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator; ensured 100% sq contact/assisted >$222K raised by 31FW

- Volunteered as CFC flt representative; 100% contact made in one week/raised $13K--promoted esprit de corps

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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