Enlisted Performance Report FAQ

What has changed with the new AF Form 910?

Overall, things haven't changed that much. Performance reports are still required annually, on change of rating official, and follow all the same rules as before. The performance scale is still 2 through 5. The only difference is format. The Performance Feedback Worksheets (AF Forms 931 and 932) and EPR forms (AF Forms 910 and 911) have changed. The previous AF Form 910 only had a single block for the rater's comments which facilitated flexibility in describing performance and and gave the rater some latitude on what he or she wrote. The new form requires the rater to address 5 areas:


and provides 2 lines in the OTHER COMMENTS block for the rater to express anything else he or she might want to say (promotion statements or recommendations).

On the AF Form 910:

Instead of confining the rater's comments to a single block, six blocks are now required, each addressing different, mandatory topics.

Physical fitness now has its own category on the form. Ratees will either be marked as meeting the standard (score 75 or above ), not meeting the standard, or exempt (if on a waiver from all four test categories). No comments are required if the ratee meets standards.

The total numbers of lines for the rater's comments (in all areas) was reduced from thirteen to twelve (if fitness is not an issue). Otherwise, the number of lines remains at 13.

The Additional Rater's comment block was reduced from six lines to three.

Stratification statements for AB through TSgt are no longer allowed.

Bullet statements are limited to two lines.

On the AF Forms 910 and 911, the rater must now mark the ratee as either:

Does Not Meet (Standards)  2
Meets (Standards)  3
Above Average   4
Clearly Exceeds (Standards)   5

Instead of the choices on the old AF Form 910, which were different depending on the area rated.

In addition, the EPR submission process has become digital and requires the ratee to review and (digitally) sign their performance report before it's finalized.

Refer to MPFM 07-44, Implementing Instructions and Processing Procedures for the new AF Form 910, Enlisted Performance Report (AB thru TSgt), the AF Form 911, Enlisted Performance Report (MSgt thru CMSgt), the AF Form 931, Performance Feedback Worksheet (AB thru TSgt) and the AF Form 932, Performance Feedback Worksheet (MSgt thru CMSgt) for more information.