Enlisted Performance Report FAQ

Can the same accomplishment be used in successive EPRs?

Normally the contents of an EPR are limited to those events that occurred during the reporting period. And if an event is cited in last year's EPR, it can't usually be used again in this year's report --unless:

AFI 36-2406, Para 3.7. Inappropriate Evaluator Considerations and Comments

3.7.6. Prior events. Do not include comments regarding events which occurred in a previous reporting period, unless the events add significantly to the evaluation report, were not known to and considered by the previous evaluators, and were not previously reflected in an evaluation report. For example, an event (positive or negative) which came to light after a report became a matter of record, but which occurred during the period of that report, could be mentioned in the ratee’s next report because the incident was not previously reported. In rare cases, serious offenses (such as those punishable by court martial) may not come to light or be substantiated for several years. In those cases, inclusion of that information may be appropriate even though the incident/behavior occurred prior to the last reporting period. Additionally, negative incidents from previous reporting periods involving the character, conduct, or integrity of the ratee that continue to influence the performance or utilization of the ratee may be commented upon in that context only. Commanders and senior raters make the determination of what constitutes a significant addition.

If the event meets the above criteria, if it was not completely documented in the previous reporting period, then it may be used again in this year's EPR. This is not common.