IG/Inspector General EPR Bullets

Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

Performance in Primary Duties

- Executed 11 By-Law insps; interviewed SMEs/17 shortfalls noted--exceeded Congressional mandate rqmt 3 mos early

- Educated 1K at base Newcomers/CC Calls; briefed AFIS and CRP--processed 32% more complaints than previous yr

- Supported tech trng FWA case; 800+ Amn affected--164 lost CPUs found/put on network/reopened 17D skills course

- Guided 2d largest tech trng wg; 167 cases/15 congressionals/8 O-6 rpts--94% solved <7 days/76% above SAF/IG std
- Exceeded CSAF's readiness intent; conducted 26 assessments on 1327 wg mbrs--AETC/IG, "81st paved the way"
- Org'd wg CIMB x12/coord'd inputs f/29 units; enabl'd Gp/CCs crosstalk platform--equip'd wg/CC w/vital msn metric
- Mngd IG Eval Mgmt Sys; finalizd 25 reports/111 findings--provided oversight on trend analysis/deficiency resolution
- Trained 37 new WIT and piloted WIT recognition program; all showcased at CIMBs--CC praised X top performers
- Bolstered wg's MICT prgm: dvlpd 53 FAM inspec guides & trained 71 SAPMs--improved compliance f/29 units
- Planned and executed 3 ASEX; found 94 shortfalls/rated wg Marginally Effective--provided CC honest reporting
- Aided w/wg War Plan revamp; tested new processes/provided critical feedback to OPR--val'd congress level program

- Logistics lead for UEI; coord'd comm/eqpmt spt/facilities f/2-wk inspec--enabled smooth ops for 61 AETC inspectors

- AETC/IG 1st! Created 41 FAM insp guides f/224 MICT users--trained 72 SAPMs/improv'd compliance f/29 units

- Piloted 144 cases/17 congressionals/6 O-6 rpts f/ 2d largest tech trng WG--96% solv'd <8 days, 75% above std
- Aided unit CC in FWA case of 3 NAF prsnl over 5 wks; employees terminated--sav'd resources/upheld stds
- Fixed broken unit visit process; coupl'd w/ 5 Vertical Insp's/found 63 deficiencies--increased rapport w/ units
- Processed 4 SAF/1 DoD Hotline complaints; 2 CDIs/2 inquiry conducted--resolved cases in avg of 29 days

- Mngd IG Eval Mgmt Sys; finaliz'd 7 insp reports/67 findings--provid'd oversight f/trend analysis/deficiency res

- Scrutiniz'd idle IGEMS write-ups; id'd findings rdy f/closure--prompt'd SAPM oversight f/78 deficiencies > 1yr

- Insp'd 2 By-Laws; eval'd Cmbt Trafficking In Person/Equal Opportunity/no write-up--val'd congress lvl prgms

- Streamlin'd Vertical Insp; steer'd 17 insps/9 Wg prgm/3 units--id'd msn degradation/decreas'd rpt time-line 66%

- Wg Insp Tm mngr; revis'd chklst, conduct'd 3 WIT trng/brf'd All Call/66 mbrs--cert'd 10 insps/reinforced AFIS

- Trn'd AF/Wg policy to 4 Wgs at Newcomers/FTAC; educated 1.3K& prsnl on IG/FWA; conveyed CC intent/mbr rights

- Active shooter exercise evaluator for 4 bldgs/96 prsnl; corrected 3 discrepancies--improved awareness/preparedness

- Hand-picked for AFMC IG; audited 21 shops, 84 prgms w/ 1.7K MICT items--ensured Hill AFB met MGA UEI stds

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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