MEPS EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- None received

Performance Assessment

- Received the Superior Achievement Award for accomplishing 117% of assigned recruiting goal in FY 20

- Tireless MEPS Liaison; drastically reduced processing times and rejected packages--increased team morale

- Outstanding recruiter, FY16 Superior Performance, Bronze Award--expertly achieved 110% of assigned goal

- Aided OL to the 11th consecutive Team Excellence Award; 44 accessions against FY16 goal of 40--super job

- Prepped Amn for active duty; achieved 80% MEPS success rate--recruits filled tech trng seats, no BMT losses

- Qualified, processed XX applicants for BMT; QC positively impacted quality of recruits joining USAF

- Secured AF Needs; supervised/trained 9 DEP Amn; achieved 100% MEPS rate/led flight to 100% of annual goal

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