Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Provides timely, accurate, and actionable a/c maintenance information to all airlift stakeholders and group leadership

- Coordinates planning/scheduling/documentation ops; perf's mx mgmt for 9 TFA KC-135R acft valued at $468M
- Consolidates an integrated acft weekly/monthly maintenance/flying & Aerospace Ground Equipment schedule
- Monitors Core Automated Mx System for Mobility (G081) acft mx data accuracy and executes quality reviews
- Advises on acft availability, configuration & possession in G081; reports health of fleet data to Gp/Wg leadership

- Controls maintenance on all assigned aircraft and makes adjustments to priorities based on mission requirements

- Dispatches specialists, issues manual job control numbers, sets start times, inquire of ETIC's on all jobs

- Maintains visual aids depicting status of aerospace vehicles and associated support equipment and AME

Job Performance

- Critical asset to the MOC! A C-130 maintenance knowledge pump; eager to share knowledge with colleagues

- Excellent military bearing; cool and level headed during emergencies contributing to zero injuries during mult events

- Coordinated multiple emerg responses; 6 fuel spills, 2 IFEs, 3 prsnl mishaps, 2 acft incidents--flightline ops unabated

- Revamped Records Custodian program; revised 109 items/corrected discrepancies--sustained 100% records accuracy
- Led AFTO Form 244 review; evaluated twelve CTKs/researched tech data accuracy--"zero" defects on QA follow up
- Mx Group insp team; reviewed/identified discrepancies w/SPRAMS/-21 accounts--guaranteed program effectiveness
- Executed 308 stripes on the line insp; recognized/corrected 112 minor/major errors--provided superior CTK products
- Supervised 98 acft/7 units status; timely/accurate MX/ops coordination--enabled 4.5K combat sorties/76% MC rate
- Scrutinized 26 fly schedule 2407 changes; reviewed inputs/implemented changes--decreased deviation errors by 99%

- Conducted nine Reveille/Retreat Flag ceremonies; trained 10 Amn drill procedures--upheld military tradition/heritage
- Attended pallet build & shipment crs; enhanced qual & req skill set--transported 3.2k tons cargo to Africa & Turkey

- Conducted 29 Quick Reaction Checklists; vital info dispersed/precautions adhered--safeguarded $1.25B assets/prsnl

- Pivotal asset 23 WG CC daily Standup; ensured accurate status/flying 4 AMUs/3 HMUs--provided WG critical info

- Managed 18 props/ 19 engs>$80M; coord'd 29 CANN actions/upheld 80% MC rt--drove 4,194 sorties/10,0033 flt hrs

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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