Motorcycle Safety EPR Bullets

- Certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor; gave 360 hrs instruction--instilled life saving riding practices 27 riders

- Led unit MSR pgm; fixed 30 MUSTT discrepancies--zero Sq motorcycle incidents on hi-vis AMC interest item

- Donated 10 hrs to Magic City Motor Cross; provided safety for riders/spectators--efforts lauded by 300 riders

- # OSS motorcycle safety rep; maintain'd training records of 6 airmen--executed mandatory Air Force program

- Piloted Sq Motorcycle Safety prgm; managed 21 riders/5 briefings--fostered safety conscious environment/0 reports!

- Developed FY12 mass motorcycle safety briefing; reinforced rider safety to over 800 BaseX motorcycle riders

- Designed Motorcycle Operator crs; instructed 103 mbrs on 162 data points--drove 36% AF wide fatality rate decrease

- Mentor during motorcycle safety day; set-up/tore down skills course--promoted safe techniques to 150 riders

- Sq Motorcycle rep/Green Dot Implementer; org'd 4 sessions/trn'd 87 mbrs--enforced zero tolerance/safety of 19 riders

- Vigorous squadron motorcycle safety NCO; educated/trained 28 riders--unprecedented zero mishaps to date

- MOS Motorcycle Safety Rep; tracked annual requirements/mentored 30 AMN...key to zero mishaps/fatalities

- Wg motorcycle mentor; led 1.3K in six charity rides/taught 11 Amn...raised $10K for veterans/Bikers for Kids

- Served Columbus, AFB safety office; safety gear role model during motorcycle safety campaign--0% mbr fatalities

- Handpicked as motorcycle safety course rep; ensured 15 AMXS personnel fully trained--earned TSgt charge!

- Led sq motorcycle sfty pgrm; coord'd trng for 14 prsnl thru 4 briefings--ensured 100% riders qual'd w/zero mishaps

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