Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) EPR Bullets

- Vol'd 18 hrs to AADD; provided safe transportation/prevented 8 DUI's--circumvented loss of life/protected AF #1 asset

- Volunteered 15 hrs as AADD; safely returned 9 Amn home/No DUI/kept Amn from endangering/Killing self/others

- Generously dedicated time to A2D2; contributed fifteen hours in support of 21 SW Airman--rescued three individuals

- Vol'd eight hrs toward LRAFB AADD; provided safe transportation for three Amn--eliminated potential DUIs

- Donated 12 hours/AADD; provided safe ride home for 12 Airmen--mission sustained w/369 lives saved CY11

- Volunteered 65 hours as base-wide AADD driver; prompt response on each request--88 lives & careers saved

- Volunteered 14 hours with AADD; promoted wing safety/eliminated the potential of personnel DUI incidents

- Volunteered 7 hours to designated driving program, prevented 23 wing DUIs, guaranteed personnel safe return

- Model Wingman! Stepped up for Airmen Against Drunk Driving; 17 lives saved--subverted potential DUI's

- Supported Airman Against Drunk Driving; vol'd 8 hrs/responded to 14 calls--zero alcohol related incidents

- Supported Airman Against Drunk Driving; volunteered/responded to 14 calls--zero alcohol related incidents

- Volunteered to assist Airmen Against Drunk Driving; guaranteed safe rides for 13 Seymour Johnson Airmen

- Selfless wingman; volunteered to DD for unit Christmas party--provided seven Moody Airmen safe ride home

- Contributed 10 hrs to Moody Sober Ride; provided rides for three Amn--guaranteed member/community safety

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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