Job Description

- Provides med/admin support for Flight Medicine Element; aids with treatment of 1.1K AFRC beneficiaries annually
- Performs paraprofessional nursing assignments, medical treatments, diagnostics, & therapeutic care specific to AFSC
- Participates in field training exercises, in-service briefings and continues ed. through medical meetings and seminars
- Implements basic life support, triage, & pt care in emergency situations as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Performance Assessment

- Conducted 4N tng; edu'd/cert'd 20 staff on med admin/orthopedic pin care/12 UGT tasks--ensured 100% msn rdy

- NCOIC Immunization/lead IBT; administered 150+ flu shots to wing members; 95% immunized for FY17 flu season

- Facilitated 1.9K appts/saw 374 pts; oversaw $195K pgm/1233 srts/423 graduated--99.6% PHA completion/AETC #1

- Piloted telemetry operations/41 shifts; monitored 820 pts/ID'd 30 arrhythmias/directed RRT--saved Gp 9.8K man-hrs

- Developed FHC annual trng plan, ID'd 8 subjects/coord'd 6 in-services/7 instructors--100% RSV task executed

- Led 6 EMTs 61 12 hr shifts; oversaw care f/108 pts/mng'd daily operations/trained new mbrs--generated $875K svcs

- Facilitated 24 minor surgical procedures; prepped site/set up instr/charted--reclaimed $12K in outsourced care
- Backed Infection Control Pgm; directed 10 EOM checklist/id'd/fixed 2 errors--aided 99% TJC effective rating
- Optimized USAF SSP's; led paraprofessional care for 64 patients--saved 600 man-hrs/treatment valued at $8K
- Assisted Minot AFB Air Show; worked 3 med shifts/12 hrs/2 days--managed care for 2 patron/10K spectators
- Overhauled clinical storage areas; organized supplies/equip/freed 125 sq ft--reallocated $1K in med resources
- Mastered deployment surge; reviewed 80 records/cleared 78 mems--raised 5 BW IMR to 89.6%/#1 AFGSC
- Led appt line ops amid sec clearance delay; supplemented $131K contract--upheld #1 pt satisfaction in DOD
- Managed instr cleaning pgm/$20K value; created schedule for 3 clinics/35 staff--preserved 0% infection rate
- Researched Cryotherapy history; demonstrated treatment of damaged tissues--amazed DoD STARBASE tour
- Mastered Phase II tng; performed six clinical ward rotations/hands-on exposure--acquired 48 CEU's in 4 wks

- Managed efficient/effective HCP clinic; oversaw 200+ hearing exams; ensured members world-wide qualified

- Vol'd during base wide "dulathathon"; 67 runners/5 hrs/treated 1dehydration patient--recognized at CC/awarded LOA

- Reviewed___ records; transcribed meds/past pert history/noted preventive health needs; improved access to care

- Initiated ___ profiles; tracked duty limiting conditions/ensured proper documentation; __ members returned to duty

- Managed ___ telephone consults; reviewed/relayed normal labs/scheduled appts; met AFMS 24 hr contact standard

- Instructed 21 AECMs; coordinated/trained 24 hrs in 26 areas--solidified 468 clinical/in-flt skills/100% msn ready

- Guided FHC/UC ops ISO 24.6K appts/47K RVUs/96 xfers/$1.8M--ATC rt 98%/HEDIS up f/#71 to #1 in AF
- Tapered UC use 25%; spt'd PCMH re-org; aligned non-urgent visits w/PCM--tm continuity #1 PACAF/#7 AF
- Mngd emerg resp self-insp; fixed 2 discreps/14 items--"Excel" Gp rtg/Wg UEI "Eff"/PACAF 1st "Highly Eff"

- Led 4 MLC staff; mgd schedules/8.8K hrs/ensured trng, health rqmts met--unit executed 100 EMS resp/75 xfers
- Mngd staff shortage; steered 40% turnover/3 mos, 20% prsnl loss--unit executed 5.5K enl man-hrs/no mishaps
- Stood up 3 staff spt protocols; ensured 19 staff trnd, implemented process--averted 200 FHC/UC appts/$85.8K

- Oversaw EMS pgm/5 EMT crses; led 14 instrs/26 blocks/re-cert'd 38 4N0s/1.8K CEUs--svd Gp $27K/TDY

- Augmented Allergy/Immunizations clinic x1 wk; administered 50 vax--prevented $3.7K MDG outsource cost
- Directed peer revs; rvwd 200 encounters/4.8K line items id'd 18 discreps--staff documentation 98% compliant

- Rebuilt 3 provider templates; raised deployment health access 10%--impacted grp's 98% cust satisfaction rate

- Precepted 75 Phase II students; validated 45 core wartime tasks/1.2K hrs; fortified jt svc medic trng platform

- Inspected inventory; $8.3M equipment/$43K supply/6 spot checks; sustained svc 54-bed/17 MDs/17 medics

- Jt svc tm ldr for DoD's lgst lvl 1 med ctr; oversaw 2.5K priority pts, 352 traumas, 38 AirLifes; 99% survival rt

- Screened over 100 active duty/civilian/retirees for pap smear in Women's Health, averted cervical cancer

- Governed $6K budget equipment/supply & inventoried--ensured service lines consistent to meet pt demands

NCOIC, Aerospace Medicine Flight

- Led the influenza screening of over 300 AMC terminal passengers --efforts recognized by Base CC

- Coordinated production of AFN TV commercial educating base populace on H1N1 threat--zero cases to date

- Arranged Wing food vulnerability assessment w/ USAFSAM, evaluated 12 facilities, ensured safe food supply

- Standardized agenda and minutes for monthly Aerospace Medicine meetings, ensured compliance with HSI

NCOIC, Medical Clearances

- Supervised 500 LNs while sustaining high ops tempo; protected 10K coalition forces, supported OIF

- Pushed the $200K fortification of AF living quarters--ensured barriers were built, eliminated personnel risk

- simplified the Initial Flying Class physical process; reviewed 100+ med records, cleared one-year backlog

-- Reduced avg wait, increased on-time certification rate by 70 percent, enhanced mission readiness

- Served as member of the Travis AFB Annual Tour ADVON representative.

- Aided smooth transition of 35 traditional reservists to 60th Med Grp active duty environment

- Ensured all annual tour personnel received RSV training and were supported by their assigned units

Medical Technician

- Ensured all pre/post-deployment line, vaccinations, public health, and physicals deployment requirements met

-- Delivered 100% on time medically-cleared, resulting in flawless transition of forces

- Reviewed, updated, maintained complete member profile--ensured med conditions documented & followed up

- Coord'd w/ squadrons, updated wing flying status logs--ensured accurate info for flight surgeons, commanders

- Developed AF Life Skills Brief "Landing Gear" for returning Rescue Wing members and families

-- Facilitated seamless, healthy transition from active duty to civilian status

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