4N Aerospace Medicine EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Analyzes readiness for wg expeditionary missions & contingencies; maintains Basic Life Spt & NREMT certification
- Analyzes readiness for wing expeditionary missions and contingencies; leads operations of Telederm specialty clinic
- Anchors clinical/administrative Pt Centered Med Home team duties servicing 10K beneficiaries in 100 mi radius/year
- Configures multiple airframes for AE missions--enplanes/deplanes patients for evac--provides in-flight medical care
- Coordinates with the Medical Crew Director to inventory and track medical supplies and operates medical equipment
- Creates patient schedule and manning assignments of 6 providers and technicians for effective physical exam process
- Executes $16K equipment and supply inventory of clinical area; coordinates sterilization of 1.2K surgical instruments
- Implements basic life support, triage, & pt care in emergency situations as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
- Maintains readiness for base air/space expeditionary taskings; spts special ops in war & peace/disaster relief missions
- Manages unit POCT prgm; trains flt prsnl/oversees daily evals/insp/use; monitors glucometers/$3K/upholds MTF stds
- NCOIC of physical exams clinic, ensuring mission readiness for fighter wing of over nine hundred military personnel
- Operates immunization services of >1.5 WG mbrs, screens/educates patients IAW Ctr for Disease Control guidelines
- Oversees physical exams clinic as a whole, managing and overseeing personnel in over ten hospital duty sections
- Participates in field training exercises, in-service briefings and continues ed. through medical meetings and seminars
- Performs charge medical technician (CMT) duties and responsibilities in flight--supervises other medical technicians
- Performs flight training and live Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) missions aboard C-130, KC-135 and C-17 airframes
- Performs nursing tasks; completes paraprofessional portions of the preventative health assessments and examinations
- Performs paraprofessional nursing assignments, medical treatments, diagnostics, & therapeutic care specific to AFSC
- Performs tasks as directed by primary care manager; assists with medical and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
- Prepares pts for surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures; reviews charts and records pt histories and physicals
- Provides med/admin support for Flight Medicine Element; aids with treatment of 1.1K AFRC beneficiaries annually
- Provides paraprofessional support DoD s lrgst inpt telemetry unit; assists 86 staff mbrs; delivers care f/ 4.3K pts yrly
- Responds to TOL portal/ electronic documentation, inputs profiles; assists w/patient examinations, minor procedures
- Reviews records for dplymts/PCSing; ensures great customer service and efficient patient care flow throughout appt
- Supervises 3 Amn/executes AE msns; supports 14 multisvc psnl f/150 msns/1.1K INDOPACOM pts/attendants yearly
- Supervises two Airman, tracking their upgrade training while keeping up & maintaining own training, tasks and PME
- Supplements 21 Family Health Clinic providers treating a joint service population of 22.3 thousand DoD beneficiaries
- Supports in assembling, operating, and maintaining therapeutic/diagnostic equipment; performs medical tech duties
- Supports med ops for Patient Centered Medical Home tm servicing 6K beneficiaries; trains on CDC/JQS/EMT rqmts

Performance Assessment

- 4N0 Phase II preceptor; oriented/trn'd 15 stu/certified 735 core tasks/60 CCAF credits; awarded 3-lvl/100% grad rate

- Active Pt Advocate; assisted 2 disruptive pts/alerted SFS/lauded on 6 internal pt surveys; 100% resolution/98% JOES
- Adv'd base flu prgm; vol'd as IA x4 hrs/supervised 12 mbr tm/vaccinated 7.1K JBLE pop; propelled Wg IMR to 99%
- AFMH tm lead; screened/assessed 3K pts/created 305 T-cons/25 profiles; captured 1.4K RVUs/$72.4K funds to MTF
- Aided PCM; helped w/6 pathology specimens/16 cortisone joint injections--recouped $6K/referral procedures

- Aided School Physicals campaign; obtained vitals/visual acuity on 129 studs--assured kids healthy & competition rdy
- Alt DMHRSi timekeeper; enforced/trk'd/approved timecards f/ 73 prsnl/resolved 29 errors; validated >143K man-hrs
- Alt IC monitor; track'd hand hygiene trends/PPE use/14 pers/100% compliance--impvd 42 isolation pt outcome/0 harm
- AMR volunteer; committed 8 hrs, supported 25,000 runners-- Great Aloha Run 2020 yielded $170K for HI charities

- AMSA Phase II preceptor; guided 23 classes/7.5K tasks/1.2K CCAF hrs; 139 students awarded 3-lvl/$1.2M trng cost
- AO f/EHR conversion; ensured 70+ prsnl/credentialed/prepared for system launch--100% trained/msn ready in 6 wks
- Aquaint'd 11 mbrs to ER; precepted on 17 skills/roles/job duties--vital to 100% orientation prgm/med tech development
- Arranged Wing food vulnerability assessment w/ USAFSAM, evaluated 12 facilities, ensured safe food supply

- Assisted flight surgeons w/ identifying disqualifying medical conditions, initiating physical profiles and waiver mngt
- Assisted Minot AFB Air Show; worked 3 med shifts/12 hrs/2 days--managed care for 2 patron/10K spectators
- Assisted with 12 vasectomy procedures; gathered supplies/set up/maintained sterile field--0 infections/pts recovered
- Augmented Allergy/Immunizations clinic x1 wk; administered 50 vax--prevented $3.7K MDG outsource cost

- Augmented MSME tech; reviewed 100 med records for potentially disqualifying conditions--90% members WWQ'd

- Backed Infection Control Pgm; directed 10 EOM checklist/id'd/fixed 2 errors--aided 99% TJC effective rating
- BLS Prgm Mgr; ID'd overdue staff mbrs, expedited 2 add'l classes/8 certified--maximized unit msn capes & readiness
- Bolstered Wg Flu Shot line; cultivated vaccination cape/inoculated 2K prsnl--incr'd compliance 42.3%-90.9%
- Boosted Gp combat readiness; intr'd 2 TCCC crses x2/22 mbrs/10 scenerios--fortified AFMS 100% goal 2 wks early

- Collaborated w/Public Health f/food insp; ID'd crit discrepancy/notified manager--averted potential food-borne illness
- Committed AECM, flew 28 sorties/ 105 flight hours/ 252M events; exceeded AE qual requirements-- ensuring WWQ
- Completed 8-hr arduous Ropes/Extraction Training-- promoted integration w/UT ANG, expanded unit training realm
- Completed 63 walk-in appts; employed 4 spt staff protocols for UTI/Strep/PFB/wart treatment--freed up 45 appt slots

- Conducted 4N tng; edu'd/cert'd 20 staff on med admin/orthopedic pin care/12 UGT tasks--ensured 100% msn rdy
- Constructed TF-MED swabbing kits; 10,000 PPE prepared for HIEMA-- expedited testing, curbed COVID dispersal
- Coordinated medics f/base Pumpkin Patrol coverage; teamed w/SF/sched'd 5 prsnl--safe holiday/500 children
- Coordinated production of AFN TV commercial educating base populace on H1N1 threat--zero cases to date

- CPR Certification Course instructor; volunteered 100+ hrs--20 students certified and boosted HI emergency response
- Created flt continuity binder; designed step-by-step directions f/30 clinic procedures--decr'sd orientation 10%
- Crucial crime scene preservation for Okaloosa Co. Sherriff's office; ironclad security for rape investigation

- Deployed x2 BID msn; PACAF/Andrews hubs cared f/ >20 pts ; ISO Operation Freedom Sentinel--100% msn success
- Designated as key personnel by AFRC Medical Enlisted Development Team; on track to become a top enlisted leader
- Develop'd trng f/ skills station; evaluated 40+ members on 2 medical procedures--enhanced overall unit preparedness
- Developed FHC annual trng plan, ID'd 8 subjects/coord'd 6 in-services/7 instructors--100% RSV task executed

- Directed peer revs; rvwd 200 encounters/4.8K line items id'd 18 discreps--staff documentation 98% compliant
- Dynamic mission scheduler; managed 20 AECMs on 28 missions with 114 sorties--resulted in zero msn delays

- Enforced convoy safety procedures & drove 120 miles-- secured 10 pax, $75K equipment, FTX validated MEDCAPS
- Espoused clinical training; moulaged 12 pts/6 scenarios--cemented affiliation/3 joint coalition forces/night-ops capes
- Est. COVID19 testing protocol--assured 100% TF-MED responders safety at high-risk missions in prisons and LTCF
- Established strategic objectives for Occupational Health; lauded for excellence during UEI--coined by AFRC SGP

- Excelled at high-tempo pace; set goals/time-lines for supporting fellow leaders--gets job done on time every time
- Exec'd ward expansion pln; assigned tech duties/stood 10 field cots--expedited care f/3 SVBIED causalities/0 mishap
- Executed 1 AFMS SSP; screened/eval'd 5 same day pt strep throat POCT/relayed results--saved AF $1.2K in ED visits
- Executed inaugural LTCF triage card; hastened medical triage/decompression--55 members trained for mass casualty

- Exhibited bravery; swabbed staff/inmates at three prison outbreaks--7,871 tested, ID'd positives & contained COVID
- Expedited provider face-to-face time; screened 4K appts/asst'd with 197 procedures--saved pt $31K med costs
- Expert in clinical care; 200+ joint members medically monitored-- CTE success led to 25% more EXEVAL readiness

- Facilitated 1.9K appts/saw 374 pts; oversaw $195K pgm/1233 srts/423 graduated--99.6% PHA completion/AETC #1
- Facilitated 24 minor surgical procedures; prepped site/set up instr/charted--reclaimed $12K in outsourced care
- Facilitated ABW flu point-of-distribution; vaccinated 2.7K wg pop/72 hrs/increased IMR 84%; JBLE #2 in MAJCOM
- Facilitated JBLE school/sport physicals; 761 pts seen/vital signs/visual acuity/252 vaccinated; svd MTF $107K PSCs

- Facilitated physical health assessment processing for >1K FW prsnl, ensuring all exam components are accomplished
- FHC CCM; devlp'd FY Finpln/ID'd $150K rqmt/DTS trng f/ 73 mbrs/cert'd 28 TDYs; incrs'd msn capes/funds by 7%
- First 1SOSFS certified augmentee as Entry Control/Response Force Member; achieved an outstanding 91%!
- Flt property custodian; mng'd $405K eqpmt/org'd 16 rms/ID'd/fixed 7 deficits; instituted OMC ISO 6K AD f/ 12 Sqs

- Flt Safety Monitor; mng'd trng docs/walk-through inspections/trng f/12 prsnl--ensured compliance w/OSHA standards
- Fortified MTF school physical event; 763 visits/vaccinated 335 mbrs/2 days; averted $92K cost/vital to ABW AFOUA
- Fostered joint squadron relations; instructed 10 ASTS Flight Surgeons/15 medics on DNIF/RTF process--pilots safe

- Governed $6K budget equipment/supply & inventoried--ensured service lines consistent to meet pt demands
- Governed clinic ops; oversaw 4 pgms/sched 2K appts/facilitated care f/68 aviators--pivotal to 7K sorties/9K flying hrs
- Guided FHC/UC ops ISO 24.6K appts/47K RVUs/96 xfers/$1.8M--ATC rt 98%/HEDIS up f/#71 to #1 in AF
- Guided process improvement; dedicated 8 hrs/worked w/ command & mbrs regarding no-show rate---90% compliant

- Hand-picked for rapid mission; contact-traced 30 residents in a 2-day period; reinforced HING and DOH partnership
- Hand-selected for NY COVID-19 Military relief efforts; received highest accolades from facility CEO--AFAM/LOA
- High caliber SNCO; revamped WG SAPR Program--lauded by 10 AF as outstanding & coined this as new standard
- Highly dependable wingman; multi-faceted professional/leader/trainer--invaluable Air Force & squadron resource

- Highly skilled Medical Technician; acted as surrogate Occupational Health NCOIC--ensured zero shortfalls/mishaps

- Id'd fraudulent shaving waiver; alerted supervision/initiated investigation procedures--ensured integrity of waiver sys
- ID'd pt cardiac arrest/stroke signs/DVT; alerted provider initiated transfer/ALS/maintained airway; actions saved life
- ID'd suicidal patient; initiated lifesaving 1 on 1 care/arranged hospital Xfer; saved $1.3K trans cost/actions saved life
- Id'd toddler in respiratory distress; secured airway/O2/alerted provider--quick interventions saved child's life

- Implemented 4 national pt standards; corrected 3 medication oversights--ensured 1.1K days since last sentinel event
- Initiated ___ profiles; tracked duty limiting conditions/ensured proper documentation; __ members returned to duty
- Inpt disaster tm mbr; respond'd to 85 traumas/2 MASCAL/219 pts--sustained CJOA-A end force/progressed TAA msn
- Insp'd surg instruments; accounted f/150 non-compliant brands--ensured sfty f/24 procs/facility met CIPC guidelines

- Inspected inventory; $408K equip/$70K supply/375 spot checks--sustained svc f/34 beds/42 providers/medics
- Instructed 21 AECMs; coordinated/trained 24 hrs in 26 areas--solidified 468 clinical/in-flt skills/100% msn ready
- Interim Unit NCOIC x3 wks; led 29 bed/24hr ops/86 staff mbrs; captured 3K pts/$4.8M annual revenue f/ 959 IPTS

- Jt svc tm ldr for DoD's lgst lvl 1 med ctr; oversaw 2.5K priority pts, 352 traumas, 38 AirLifes; 99% survival rt

- Lauded by ORI IG for best practice while serving as the OIC of Patient Movement Safety; Benchmark for other units
- Lead AEOO--expertly coord'd 56 launches/recoveries involving 120 personnel--recommend promotion ASAP!
- Lead CMRP trainer; trnd 12 prsnl on ear/eye irrigation/IV/venipuncture/certified 310 core tasks; 98% WWQ medics
- Led 4 MLC staff; mgd schedules/8.8K hrs/ensured trng, health rqmts met--unit executed 100 EMS resp/75 xfers

- Led 6 EMTs 61 12 hr shifts; oversaw care f/108 pts/mng'd daily operations/trained new mbrs--generated $875K svcs
- Led 85 shifts; spt'd in-pt care f/195 admits/745 OBD/63 BI/2K hrs/$3M--awd'd SG ToM x2/back'd R3/99% SR/9 FOB
- Led appt line ops amid sec clearance delay; supplemented $131K contract--upheld #1 pt satisfaction in DOD
- Led team of 10 techs/7 providers in Physical Exams Clinic; 900+ health assessments done--mission readiness > 70%

- Led the influenza screening of over 300 AMC terminal passengers --efforts recognized by Base CC
- Led weekly facility safety checks; ID'd & fixed 13 potential hazards--prevented staff mishaps/100% EOC compliance

- Maintained National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification/48 hours continuing education
- Managed clinical capabilities, augmented hearing conservation and gas mask fit test to meet AFSC specific demands
- Managed efficient/effective HCP clinic; oversaw 200+ hearing exams; ensured members world-wide qualified
- Managed instr cleaning pgm/$20K value; created schedule for 3 clinics/35 staff--preserved 0% infection rate

- Managed MSME cell; streamlined Fly PHA/DAWG/RILO processes-- AF's most valuable trained assets retained
- Managed ___ telephone consults; reviewed/relayed normal labs/scheduled appts; met AFMS 24 hr contact standard
- Mastered deployment surge; reviewed 80 records/cleared 78 mems--raised 5 BW IMR to 89.6%/#1 AFGSC
- Mastered Phase II tng; performed six clinical ward rotations/hands-on exposure--acquired 48 CEU's in 4 wks

- Max'd PT/OT capes; assisted w/evals/ROM exers/ambulated 85 surg pts/1K hrs--preserved muscle functions/28 RTD
- MEB/DAWG PM; tracked 2K mbrs/gen'd 86 DAWG updates--saved $9K provider hrs/18 returned to duty
- Meticulous attention to detail; maintained 23 subordinates NREMT/BLS certifications--ensured 100% mission ready
- Mng'd POCT Prgm; performed Strep testing f/12 prsnl/validated rqmnt f/emer supplies--100% trnd/fully msn capable

- Mngd emerg resp self-insp; fixed 2 discreps/14 items--"Excel" Gp rtg/Wg UEI "Eff"/PACAF 1st "Highly Eff"
- Mngd pt portal; registered 63 pts/reduced appts/t-con demand; FY17 entry incrs d by 80%/exceeded gp goal by 20%
- Mngd staff shortage; steered 40% turnover/3 mos, 20% prsnl loss--unit executed 5.5K enl man-hrs/no mishaps
- Mngd unit POCT prgm; trn'd 81 users/performed 365 evals/insp/checks; elim d discrepancies by 75%/unit fully comp

- My #1 NCO of 3 assigned; certified 52 AFSOC SFS members in CPR/AED, a vital asset to unit and command!

- Nailed 7 lvl CDC/10 mths ahead of schedule; rendered 54 core tasks/attained 98% on EOC; exceeded AF avg by 33%
- Nav'd COVID-19 tracking process; conducted 300 interviews/ed'd psnl/reported pos t/ Wg CC--100% risk mitigation
- NCOIC Immunization/lead IBT; administered 150+ flu shots to wing members; 95% immunized for FY17 flu season

- Optimized USAF SSP's; led paraprofessional care for 64 patients--saved 600 man-hrs/treatment valued at $8K
- Orchestrated med readiness event; PHA/IMR items accomplished f/ 3 Sq--Wg FMR bolstered >30%/120 amn WWQ
- Org'd PODs in response to COVID mandate; coord'd staff & supplies for 3 events; attained 90% compliance in <3 mo
- Organized 2020 CFC rally; amplified campaign w/raffles & charity info--unit supported 20 charities & raised $6,000

- Organized/managed Strategic, Tactical, DOMOPS and Unregulated training scenarios for sq operational tng packets
- Overhauled clinical storage areas; organized supplies/equip/freed 125 sq ft--reallocated $1K in med resources
- Oversaw AOM flt 4N0X1C quarterly trng; certified 8 tasks/24 hrs/spt'd msn ops--4 IDMTs 100% cert/dplymnt ready
- Oversaw EMS pgm/5 EMT crses; led 14 instrs/26 blocks/re-cert'd 38 4N0s/1.8K CEUs--svd Gp $27K/TDY

- Oversaw Flt mishap eqpmt; responded to 2 IFEs, initiated physiological/O2 protocol f/aircrew--4 prsnl saved & RTD
- Oversaw IFE prgm; directed response/68 ground/birdstrike/136 pilots monitored--safeguard'd 36K msn sorties
- Oversaw pain audit prgm; insp d pt records/tasks f/ 7 PCMH tms/800 charts rvw'd; zero discrepancies w/AFMOA/TJC

- Piloted telemetry operations/41 shifts; monitored 820 pts/ID'd 30 arrhythmias/directed RRT--saved Gp 9.8K man-hrs
- Pioneered local medical pre-screening process; reduced inappropriate gains by 38%--saved unit 1.63K hours of work
- Precepted 75 Phase II students; validated 45 core wartime tasks/1.2K hrs; fortified jt svc medic trng platform
- Processed 250 PHAQs; flagged 30 records for routine/priority/critical status--ensured mbrs received appropriate care

- Promoted COVID education; participated in 17 outreach missions--reached 1,675 low-income/homeless HI residents
- Provided BLS transfer f/28 pts; lead medic/saved $23K in off base costs--ensured timely/precise pt care f/overseas area
- Provided driving cape for 2 patient transfers; monitored equip/vital signs--retained $2K in civilian EMS expenditures
- Pushed the $200K fortification of AF living quarters--ensured barriers were built, eliminated personnel risk

- PW East AEOT AEOO; launch'd 11 msn/7 AE/CCATT/UK crews/transport'd 265 pts-- boost'd allied combat support

- QB'd Chg Health; registered 56 pts/mngd 350 pt appt/referral/rx refill requests; garnered 95% resp w/in 72 hr AF std
- QC'd 150 medical records--identified/avoided 5% errors--improved quality assurance for documentation of pt care

- Ran NATO sick call prgm; mng'd 276 DOD fliers across 10 GSUs/3 nations--dlvr'd 150 sorties/#1 PIMR in MAJCOM
- Rebuilt 3 provider templates; raised deployment health access 10%--impacted grp's 98% cust satisfaction rate
- Researched Cryotherapy history; demonstrated treatment of damaged tissues--amazed DoD STARBASE tour
- Responded to 10 IFEs; assess'd/transport'd 3 pilots w/possible DCS/RTD < 48 hrs--secured $96M acft/FW SEAD msn

- Responded to two unconscious personnel--quick reaction and expert medical treatment prevented possible loss
- Reviewed 300+ health records; initiated appropriated restrictions/requested required health data--ensured WWQ force
- Reviewed 6 AD pregnancy SSP lab results; initiated 5 patient profiles--ensured AF medical standards/msn rdy
- Reviewed___ records; transcribed meds/past pert history/noted preventive health needs; improved access to care

- SABC rodeo cadre; taught bleeding control/trn'd 320 AD & civs/9 lessons; qualified 109 msn ready expeditionary Amn
- Screened 58 deployers; reviewed paperwork for disqualifying conditions--mbrs cleared to deploy/no mission delays
- Screened over 100 active duty/civilian/retirees for pap smear in Women's Health, averted cervical cancer
- Seamlessly manag'd COVID DD2992 ext f/120 Flyers; maintain'd 100% clearance--AFSOC global ops tempo ensur'd

- Simplified the Initial Flying Class physical process; reviewed 100+ med records, cleared one-year backlog
- SME; responded to three major vehicle accidents w/injuries; administered critical/timely medical treatment
- Spearheaded implementation of peer review; coordinated 300+ chart reviews for 10 techs--med record errors <5%
- Spt'd 63 injured ANA; perform'd wound care/drain check/met nutritional reqs--preserv'd QoL/positive outcome/0 HAI

- Spt'd ERPSS/50 msns; provided manpower/aided w/litter carry to acft--expedited air evacs transport f/365 DoD prsnl
- Standardized 2 in-pt code carts; piloted 6 insp/familiarization/defibrillator usage--validated emergent response capes
- Standardized agenda and minutes for monthly Aerospace Medicine meetings, ensured compliance with HSI
- Stood up 3 staff spt protocols; ensured 19 staff trnd, implemented process--averted 200 FHC/UC appts/$85.8K

- Streamlined PHA ops/optimized efficiency; cut process times 50%/dcrs'd in-person reqt's >30%--saved Wg $660K/yr
- Strengthened deployment proc's; 50+ med records reviewed f/ DQ conditions --mbrs cleared to deploy/no msn delays
- Superior ability to adapt; interim 4N Element leader during absence AFTR Record; maintained skill lvl compliance
- Supervised 500 LNs while sustaining high ops tempo; protected 10K coalition forces, supported OIF

- Supplies custodian; inspected & ensured viability of $10k medical supplies--SERO 100% ready for CBRNE incidents
- Support'd annual flu drive; 300 AF reserve members vaccinated--immunizations clinic exceeded AF standards by 5%
- Supported Alpha & Charlie Companies; managed schedules & documented 20 AARs-- all TF missions without delay

- Take-charge-leader--ensured safety and security of residents after responding to 911 call--stop bodily harm
- Tapered UC use 25%; spt'd PCMH re-org; aligned non-urgent visits w/PCM--tm continuity #1 PACAF/#7 AF
- TCCC 1st aid instr; brf'd hemorrhage prevention/demo d kit use/10 ASG pers--fortified Wg cmbt resps/battlefield care
- Team integrator; mentored new medics with job orientation & expectations--one Airman graduated BMT with honors

- Training waivers SME; orchestrated approval of three trauma waivers-- saved DoD $18k, ready for SEAT inspection
- True MDS leader; trained 72+ mbrs on PRAP policy/procedures--increased mission awareness by >25% tech duties

- Unit RSV instructor; eval'd anaphylactic shock scenarios/validated rqmts f/ 35 deployment skills; cert'd 46 AFRC mbrs

- Verified 300+ service mbrs PHAs; pt vitals/Hx/concerns relayed to physician & 4 squadrons--sec'd 98% compliance
- Vol'd 18 hrs off duty in ED; prov'd ambulance supt for High risk pregnancy pt--solidified EMT/readiness skills
- Vol'd during base wide "dulathathon"; 67 runners/5 hrs/treated 1dehydration patient--recognized at CC/awarded LOA
- Vol'd w/animal rescue org; coord'd med care/foster homes/trans f/ 25 dogs/672 hrs; svd 3 dogs lives/$1K state funds

AMR - American Medical Response
AAR - After-Action Reports
BMT - Basic Military Training
CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosives
CFC - Combined Federal Campaign
COVID - Coronavirus Disease
CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CTE - Collective Training Event
DoD - Department of Defense
DOH - Department of Health
EXEVAL - Exercise Evaluation
FTX - Field Training Exercise
HIEMA - Hawaii Emergency Management
LTCF - Long Term Care Facility
MEDCAPS - Medical Capabilities
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
SEAT - Standardization and Evaluation Assistance Team
SERO - Search, Extraction and Rescue Operations
SME - Subject Matter Expert
TF-MED - Task Force Medical

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