Aircraft Structural Maintenance

- SMCO Flt Haz-Waste manager; ID'd/rectified 4 disparities amid 5 accumulation pts--earned 100% QA pass rt
- Restored AGE eqpmt; sanded/applied topcoat of 5 units--prolonged svc life/upheld $750K in spt eqpmt assets
- Piloted flt TODO pgm; led major host name migration of 20 e-tools/604 TO files--cinched zero update delays
- Reacted to broken fire seals; replaced 4 seals/2 engines--saved $15M in assets/ensured on-time TACC tasking
- Spearheaded L/E horizontal stab repair; fab'd skin patch/installed 500+ fasteners--saved $480K supply costs
- Led damaged F/D repair; fab d/installed composite patch--returned non-procurable asset to svc/saved $640K

- #1 of 35 Amn! Supv'd 4 Amn/drove 56 insps/maintained $450K eqpmt/tools--awarded Mx Spt Pro 4th Qtr '15

- Deployed 100D support of OEF; maintained three HH-60G Pave Hawks/valued $123M--provided POI/PR/PT

- Valued UCC member; swiftly responded/reported 40+ IDF attacks-- ensured 89 prsnl had 100% accountability

- Identified/fabricated damaged stabilizer LE; avoided $156k in replacement parts-- bested repair time by 15 hrs

- Evaluated 4 Main rotor blades; deemed unserviceable-- prevented mjr aircraft failure/ insured crews safety

- Responded to F-16 IFE; assisted launch of helo in <5 minutes-- enabled recovery msn of >$556K in AF assets

- Maintained three deployed HH-60G; >230 sorties/190 hrs/2assists-- 93% MC rt/100% 12 hr fix rt/0% abort rt

- Deployed Resolute Support; maintained 3 HVLD HH-60 assets covering >252K sq mi--FSPR ATO-->3K alert

- ID'd gouged TDS/50hr insp; coor'd supply actions w/ army MX/zero in AF inventory--enabled >190 cmbt flt/hr

- Responded to F-16 IFE; assisted launch of helo in <5 minutes--enabled recovery msn of > $556K AF war assets

- Aided in 50-hr insp; disc'd/fixed 7 discreps/beat ACC std by 4 hrs--enabled nonstop PR >257K sq mile AOR

- Maintained three deployed HH-60G; >230 sorties/190 hrs/2assists--93% MC rt/100% 12 hr fix rt/0% abort rt

- Diagnosed/treated corroded accessory mod; avoided premature failure/saved AF $37K--promote immediately!

- Facil'd 15 MRB OTI's; coord'd/tracked insps for 3 alert acft--ensured $3.5M AF assets met 24/7 PR coverage

- Coated 4 HH-60G stabilizers; Negated need for replacement parts--prevented aircraft downtime by 15+ hrs

- Assisted in 5 major HH-60G service inspections; cut down HVLA downtime by 36%-- assured mission readiness

- revitalized field pressure washer; cleansed/ repaired interior reservoir--salvaged $35K in critical BGAF assets

- Aided with multiple communication/preflight checks; worked outside career field-- increased mission effectiveness

- Completed bonded core repair on cabin door; returned to serviceable status 24 hrs early-- aircraft met sorties

- Replaced HH-60G cabin door track; drilled/reamed to exact tolerances-- restored $40K+ constrained assembly

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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