Armory EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Manages installation's largest ammo acct/2nd largest armory/$2M in resources, enabling +412 trng events annually
- Leads 3 pers CA section ISO 1.3K hrs of live-fire trng/+80 qual/expending 1/3 of entire installation small arms ammo
- Manages Command Weapons records management program and implements CJCS records management standards


- Acquired 111K additional rounds of resupply; strengthened mission capabilities corrected USAFE deficiency

- Authored Armory OI; established policy/implemented accountability process--prevented injuries, streamlined training

- Authored guidance to remove 39 unlawful privately owned weapons from armory--fixed ten year discrepancy

- Certified/trusted Airman--trained two fellow Airman in crucial armory duties/ensured critical position stability

- Committed to achieving excellence; rec'd 95% on critical Armory Stan-Eval--"Exceptionally Well Qualified"

- Designated to support/consolidate the squadron Mobility AFSO 21 move--saved the wing 500K+ yearly

- Developed new Armory trng plan; trained/evaluated 132 tasks/181 hours/6 bilat mbr certified--0 DPE failures/4 EWQ

- Established CATM/Armory electronic library; improved database, streamlined inventory--100% efficiency rate

- Handpicked to organize and execute Armory tasking for 3 ORI prep Ex--efforts garnered "outstanding" by AMC IG

- Helped remodel Armory for AMC/IG visit; entire facility painted and tiled--$3K+ savings to the AF; promote

- Id'd muns discrepancy; implemented Armory SOP/Policy Ltr for unserviceable ammo--MICT write-up closed

- Identified critical weapons storage violation at base armory; 3K weapons now secure-saved $225K initiative

- Innovative insight; revamped arming process for 300 personnel at location Bravo--expedited issuing time by 40%

- Led night shift operations for deployed Armory; secured small arms valued at $164K--ensured 100% accountability

- Mngd armory ops; revamp'd storage/muns pgm, built FAS kits/2.4K rds/equip--spt'd 8 msns/reduced prep time 250%

- Reorg'd armory; optimal equip/wpn configuration--decreased arming times 40%/sped major incident response

- Revised four major Armory Unit Compliance Inspection write-ups lauded by inspectors as best seen to date

- Revitalized dilapidated Armory w/ paint/flooring & preserved historic mural; saved $2,200 in repainting costs

- Revitalized Wg wpn accountability prgm; authored armory opening/closing SOP's--ensured weaponizing of 7 CCAF crs

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