- Audited FW aircrew incentive flt pay prgm; reviewed 258 mbrs' records/ID'd $2.5K back pay...validated $97K flt pay
- Reviewed ARM products; conducted 120 status rpts/process'd 30 aeronautical orders...ensured 100% AFI compliance
- Led flt record review w/ 40 aircrew; monitored 9 critical grounding items...confirmed aviation service data for 5 units
- Drove FY '15 aircrew trng documentation; 4K hrs/staged 5K flying hr forms...secured 4 sqdns historical data integrity
- In-processed 10x 428th FS contractor aircrew; developed electronic flt record/tracked 10 items...enabl'd FMS success
- Activated 9.03K sq mi airspace w/ Salt Lake Center daily; deconflicted 9.5K flights...sustained 366 FW ops missions

- Completed 16 hr professional development crs; improved ldrshp skills/knowledge...prepared for NCO responsibilities

- Pursued CCAF degree plan; finished 15 semester hrs/maintained 3.75 GPA...set std for 5 peers w/in flt/6 classes shy

- Selected to attend HARM crse; completed 40 hr CBT & 2-wk trng...valuable asset to peers & 258 flyers at

- Deployed ISO Ex GREEN FLAG EAST; 196 CAS hrs/52 aircrew prep'd f/ cbt AEF...awarded "Superior Performer"
- Completed 7 level upgrade; scored 88% on EOC exam & crushed core tasks...upgrade complete in min time <12 mos
- Managed FS Flag prgm; 872 US flags flown/certs produced...displayed positive image of
- Authored EM checklist; designed quarterly report/rec'd CBRN trng f/ 54 mbrs...FS 100% trained f/ CENTCOM fight
- Supervised daily ops; taught Go/No-Go & pre/post msn review to 5 person team...earned OG Warrior Enlisted 3Q '16
- COMSEC mgr; controlled SKLs/issued authenticators/ID'd 7 month AOR COMSEC rqmts...FS readied f/ OIR msns

- Guided 3-lvls to 1st AEF deployment; trained COMSEC/UCC/EM/deployed ops prgms...SARM team capes up 25%

- Captured CMR status for 2 FSs; schedule/tracked/reported quals for 98 aircrew...ensured 54 crews deployment ready

- Initiated Triangle Audit; establishing a comprehensive review of all training, qualifications & experience levels

- Adapted procedures to satisfy multiple base requirements that ensured aircrew's currency & qualification upon arrival

- Converted 60+ training folders to electronic files; saving money in paper & ink while reducing 10 man hours a month

- Supervised all ARMS tasks during deployment; ensured all pilots legal to fly-- coined by OK TAG

- Personally ensured 100% completion of ComSec training for 57 deploying members prior to departure
- Newly assigned supervisor; passionate about sharing her knowledge/expertise w/subordinates throu mentoring

- Mng'd 2 end of cycle rollovers; filed 1.1K tng docs & audited 8 reports--preserved historical aviation/DV data

- Mastered authentications process tracking for Global Decision Support System (GDSS) II flight authorizations
- Tremendous attention to detail! Collated aircrew trng & flying data from aircrew resource mngt info; flawless
- Benchmark effort; validated aircrew currency/availability in ARMS database--invaluable input for schedulers

- Sustained SARM when position went unfilled; created processes & ensured currencies--336 AF781s validated

- Compiles, records, and audits training and flight data for the Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS)
- Processes aviation management database reports and source documents to ensure accuracy of training & flt info
- Coordinates with Sq Ops Ofcr for local training requirements, deployed ops & HHQ mission accomplishments
- Maintains flt records; aeronautical orders, certification of qualifications, and aviation service data for aviators

- Input/audited 9.7K flying tng events into ARMS database; enabled 1.4K cbt sorties; corrected 28 high vis items
- Reorganized SARM cont book; updated 6 programs/eliminated redundancies; increased office efficiency 13%
- Established SOPs for flt's ERM as Rec Cust; monitored 74 records/2K+ PA files; resulted in zero PII breaches
- Compared 7K flt auths/data; identified/corrected 141 discrepensies; confirmed ARMS database 100% accurate

- Verified regulation change; restructured file pln/rebuilt 217 aircrew tng folders--Sq AFI compliant w/in 2 days
- Modernized continuity book; streamlined digital cklsts/SharePoint database--reduced processing timeline 40%
- Stellar military image; professionalism led to Sq selection for General J Smith Award; exemplary SSgt select

- Planned $2.3M flying hr prgm; sched execution of 809 NATO, French & British sorties--97% msn success rate

- Submitted 42 dip clearances; coord'd 112 mil/civ grnd support rqmnts--ensured sustainment for 87 ISAF msn's

- Augmented HARM office during manning shortfall; cmplt'd 160 hrs OJT--eliminated 163 backlogged trng docs

- Flawlessly manag'd COMSEC for 68AS; produced accurate & on-time destruction rpts; zero security incidents

- Maintains proficiency to monitor, update & audit operations data on aircrew flying hours, training & flt records

Airfield Mangement Operations Supervisor

- Conducted safety checks, processed NOTAM to monitor $1.5M barrier cable project--ensured safe operations

- Supported critical snow removal operations during historic 13 inch snowfall; enabled transfer of 14 acft to Osan

- Served as Proffer at 8FW promotion ceremony; 35 airmen recognized, 350 guests attended

Tactical Air Control Party Specialist

- Maintained and accounted for $700K MRC-144 weapon system--greatly enhanced productivity and msn readiness

- Assisted in training of multiple Army Joint Fires Observers--increased combat leathality and effectiveness

Aviation Resource Management Journeyman

- Implemented wing's first electronic sortie hour tracking program--reduced logging errors by 50 percent

- Identified a sign-out procedure deficiency which allowed assignment of unqualified pilots to aircraft

-- Developed tracking system which ensured aircraft with modified engines were matched with qualified pilots

- Zero'd out a 7,500-flying hour program with an unprecedented zero discrepancy rate

- Improved aging $4M dollar facility--resulted in an improved working environment for over 450 wing personnel

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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