Awards and Decorations

- Orchestrated Wg Annual Awds Ceremony; led 3 mbr tm/set-up/emceed/PD--honored 21 of wg champs/Yr'18

- Authored 2 EPRs & 3 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Arnn up for success

- Chaired '12 Annual Awards sub-cmte; coord 27 sponsors/16 DVs/274 guests--Aviano' top performers honored

- Completed NCOA; expanded ldrshp techniques/mentored subordinates...yielded three sq/two gp awd winners

- Directorate Perf of Month! Skillful exercise planner/supervisor; drafted 3 awd pkgs...1 win--truly seasoned AF NCO

- Established workcenter's EPR/decoration tracker...streamlined turn time by late evaluations/medals

- Led Amn recognition prgm; Hellhound of the Month Board Pres (x2)--recognized/evaluated 12 junior enlisted

- Led CGO/enlisted writing team; penned Mx Effectiveness Awd for 500+ mbrs--won #1 AMXS in USAF '12!

- Mastered writing skills; 45 EPRs/23 decs/four gp & wg lvl awd winners/wg Athlete of Yr/composed sq MEA

- Mng'd 16 Amn as NCOIC of Sq's largest flt...penned 6 EPRs/7 awd packages--garnered 3 Sq/1 Gp-level awds!

- Orchestrated MXG 4Q13/Annual Awds Ceremony; led 12 mbr team/set-up/emceed--honored 24 of grp's best

- Penned performance packages; recognized 11 stellar Amn--bolstered 5 Sq/3 Grp qtrly/2 Sq/1 Grp annual awds

- Processed AOC-WS branch shipment; process'd 8 sensitive increments correct'd 16 errors--receiv'd COA AOC-WSB

- Recognized our best! Penned 8 nomination packages/mentored SNCOs--6 Sq/3 Grp Qtrly/2 Sq annual awards

- Tremendous flt NCOIC; primed 4 Amn for Sq awds/1 BTZ/1 AF Acad Prep School--IB upgrade immediately!

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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