Base Ops/Terminal Ops EPR Bullets

Flight Chief, EW Flagging

- Directed installation of unit SAN; tripled storage/backup capacity of critical data--enhanced EWIR ops

- Supervised re-tool of EW model; increased threat handling abilities--data rate to warfighter 10% faster

- Supervised 12-member Eng team; completed 95 network & s/w efforts--automatic ELINT increased to 95%

Assistant Flight Chief

- Directly contributed to success of 2009 air show "Thunder Over the Empire"--ensured enjoyment by 100K spectators

NCOIC, Group Current Operations

- Managed flight and ground schedules for 12 squadron current operations/range operations

- Integrated Eglin Air force Base's Civil Air patrol and six other civil and military agencies into off-base exercise scenario

-- Expanded Air Force Special Operations Command's major accident response potential, increased public safety

- Scheduled 12 flying units' range ops airspace during hurricane evac exercise--achieved max training, lauded by Spec Ops Group CC


- Trained four personnel on baggage X-ray equipemt servicing--increased uptime, reduced passenger delays

- Dependable airman; deposited over $20K of passenger terminal's funds--100% funds accountability!

- Superbly processed 2.5K air transportation documents--streamlined $1.5M in carrier payments on 4K flights

- Detail oriented! Troop Commander packages and manifests always accurate and timely

- Coordinated the safe movement of over 12,000 passengers with the Deployment Control Center (DCC) and Base Ops

- Performed as observer/controller during five USAF exercises; integral to overall success of SF assessments

- Volunteered to load baggage, operate step truck for POTUS entourage--showcased AMC professionalism

- Agile Combat Support!--Reviewed, prepared over 3K troops in less than a week for deployment--100% met requirements

- Updated Cargo Movement Operating System (CMOS) for all deploying pax with 100% accuracy

- Briefed over 12,000 deploying troops on the tarmac on destinations and expected conditions--enhanced readiness!

- Deployed to Osan AB, Korea during Clark runway closure--aided operations by creating a smooth transition

- Planned, verified, scheduled, & processed eligibility of air cargo, passengers, and mail for airlift

- Stopped taxiing KC-10 from colliding with fire bottle; prevented aircraft and equipment damage

- Conducted numerous interior/exterior sweeps of Pax terminal during latest CERE--enhanced terminal security

- Received trans-load training; decontaminated/stored pallets while in MOPP4--ready for any eventuality!

- Volunteered to augment Ramp services during peak hours; loaded 747 cargo in summer heat--great team player!

- Moved 12,000 passengers and 500 short tons of baggage with zero aircraft delays--extremely proficient!

- Stellar up-keep of $2.5M vehicle fleet--achieved 99% in-commission rate--mission readiness enhanced

- Building custodian for $5M passenger terminal--presented excellent first impression of AMC travelers

- Maintained land mobile radio system--guaranteed critical communications at all times--always prepared!

- Tireless achiever; maintained 100% on-time departure rate for over 32 Citizen North missions

- Provided baggage/staircase support for POTUS entourage during visit to Lajes--safe and efficient operation

- Detailed the DV vehicle for the AMC Commander--continues to set the highest standards possible

- Acted as liaison between HQ PACAF and HQ AETC--mediated disputes between Air Force personnel and HQ AETC

- Monitored, coordinated multiple work crews via radio as dispatcher; reduced unnecessary trips 30%

- Lost and Found representative; efforts resulted in recovery of over 1200 lost bags--unparalleled customer service

- Trained 12 newly assigned personnel on CERE procedures--significantly enhanced war-fighting abilities

- Coordinated ground operations for Copper Shield mission supporting Gen. Flintstone--textbook operation

- Prepared $12M vehicle fleet for largest typhoon ever--prevented damage, fleet 100% operational!

- Unit electromagnetic radiation safety officer; scheduled initial inspections--ensured safe terminal environment

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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