Bioenvironmental Engineering EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Oversees STEM-based hlth risk assesments f/21, JFCC-IMD/AFSPC/multi-svc units, spt'g a $66B global space msn
- Provides advisement to EOC/wg CC; delivers ESF plans/protection, mitigates vulnerabilities f/175 GPS/13K workers
- Manages $181K home station/contingency equip; provides CBRNE specialization, spt'g response teams across 4 wgs
- Leads 50 SW CPR & SABC prgms; schedules 78 classes/tracks 22 instrs; maintains 100% reporting rqmts f/57 orgs

Performance Assessment

- Respiration Protection Manager; conduct'd gas mask/respirator fit tests >1200 personnel; 0 respiratory injuries report'd

- Sole 50 SW BE f/9 mths; mng'd $181K equip/19 OEH prgms during 66% manning shortage--coined by 21 SW/CCC
- Directed wg CPR prgm; trn'd 15 enl/ofcr instrs/coord'd 50 cert classes--fortified life saving cape f/300 DoD svc mbrs
- Coord'd mass preventative hlth trng; educated 242 mbrs on hazardous noise/OSHA rqmts--cut $142M civilian claims
- Mitigated carcinogen threats; led 11 mbr team/48-hr study, quantified exposure x9 prsnl--prevented $231K MILCON
- Chaired CE water system upgrade; validated 60 water samples/record accuracy--gatekeeper f/$35M construction proj
- Orchestrated base OEHSA; validated 488 hrs IH data/788 hazards/ctrls, interviewed 14 agencies--saved AF $320K
- Managed wg RPP; executed 500 CBRN masks reviews/coord'd w/22 UDMs--key to wgs 100% ARTs readiness rate

- Hazardous Material Awareness certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify hazardous incidents

- Adjusted cust service hrs to meet needs; eliminated most common cust complaint, increased access & tng

- Constructed display bulletin boards; provided 13,000 annual patients with preventive eyecare information

- Volunteered to perform visual tests at local elementary school--guarded health of over 250 students

- Revised examination procedures for aircrew members--incorp'd low light requirements--ensured msn readiness

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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