Biomedical Equipment Technician EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Assembles and installs biomedical equipment consistent with manufacturers'design criteria and local rquiremnts

- Installs, inspects, repairs, modifies and calibrates biomedical, diagnostic and life support equipment systems
- Analyzes equipment malfunctions using test equipment, technical data, schematics and engineering references
- Inspects biomedical equipment systems to determine operational status--ensures safe equipment procedures
- Processes and maintains administrative functions, equipment inventory and preventive maintenance schedule

Performance Assessment

- Motivated NCO--100% RSV training and annual requirements completed ahead of time--set the example for all

- Supervises 2 amn; conducts med mx for 2 work centers--oversaw completion of 160 work orders/15 sections/7 UTCs

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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