Booster Club EPR Bullets

- Volunteered f/ inaugural unite event; spent $3K on 150 FSS mbrs for food/entertainment--encouraged esprit de corps

- AUAB 5/6 Org Secretary; organiz'd 5 fundraisers/10 socials/50 vols/40 hrs--rais'd $5K funds/boost'd QoL f/4K peers

- Sq Booster Club Shift Lead for Aviation Nation '17; devoted 4 hours to food booth--raised $1.3k for sq morale events

- Dedicated countless hours to AMIC Booster Club; selected by peers as '19 treasurer--esprite de corps magnified

- Sq booster club Sergeant at Arms; aided in 8 fundraisers/directed 60 volunteers--raised $5K for unit morale

- Participated in Green Knights POW poker run; commemorated fallen/boosted morale-grp praised by Wg ldrsp

- Bella Bafana bazaar sanitation liaison; aided 30 vendors/kept facilites clean--raised $4K for MO Booster Club

- Participated in Bella Bafana Bazaar: cashier for food booth for 6 hrs--raised $2k MXS booster club/Sq QoL

- Supervised bazaar detail/15 volunteers; escorted >30 vendor w/no delays--raised $5K for AMXS booster club

- Active MDG booster club mbr; led 2 fundraising events/8 volunteers--generated $1K toward Gp holiday party

- Dedicated 12-hrs booster club/raised $1K; created first-class holiday event for 225 mbrs--bolstered sq morale

- Represented Booster Club by building four events/+26 hrs--raised $2.4k for holiday party/supported 250 mbrs

- Booster Club Sgt of Arms; org'd 7 fundraisers/coord'd Bazaar escorts--raised $10K/funded Sq's Holiday Party

- Org'd Sq booster club fundraiser; aimed towards aiding special needs children--captured school supplies/$400

- Spring/Fall Bazaar VP/vol; led 7 committees/378 vols/86 vendors--netted $118K for 8 orgs/15 booster clubs

- Sq Booster Club Treasurer; managed $5K acct/org'd 2 events--raised $2.3K/funded 24 nominee's MPOY ticket

- Sq Booster Club Treasurer; managed > $5K acct/surged coin sales--raised $2.3K, MPOY/uplifted unit morale

- Donated 20 hrs to base bazaars; aided set-up/tear-down/kid's corner--secured $3K towards Sq Booster Club

- Represented sq Booster Club; orchestrated five fundraiser's/raised $750--abled > $6K towards Holiday Party

- Donated skills; organized/conducted 4 AMU cook-outs--generated >$100 to AMXS Booster Club fund raiser

- AMXS Booster Club Treasurer; raised $12K for events/holiday party/100+ hrs given--lifted 650 Sq mbrs moral

- Facilitated escort duties for Spring Bazaar; led 8 peers/monitored ops--raised $1K for AMXS booster club

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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