Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) EPR Bullets

- Represented BOSS f/garrison Thanksgiving dinner; planned events/set-up/prep'd 200 meals--served 350 AF/civ/LNs

- BOSS member; org'd Easter Fest 2x/grilled/raised $<1K f/Haunted House event--boosted camaraderie f/250 mil/civs

- Kept unit apprised of BOSS events and opportunities; reduced DUIs and weekend blotter reports by 25% over prev year

- Served as BOSS program President f/ 24 months; boosted morale & well-being of 9,000 Single Soldiers on Fort Drum

- Organized volunteer opportunities for Fort Drum soldiers; logged more than 2,500 productive volunteer hours

- Spearheaded the BOSS Mountain Mudder, one of the biggest BOSS events on Fort Drum; over 400 Soldiers attended

- Kept single Soldiers on Fort Richardson informed on BOSS opportunities and events; increased participation by 20%

- Fostered an environment of caring and satisfaction for Airmen; contributed to the overall success of the BOSS mission

- Steered Airmen to wholesome activities by advertising BOSS events and opportunities; improved morale exponentially

- Coordinated the whitewater rafting event; resulted in 70+ members joining the largest BOSS event in over 10 years

- Provided a suitable location for BOSS Council Meetings; increased participation recognized by the Mayor of Lawton

- Contributed to the overall success of the BOSS mission; fostered an environment of caring & satisfaction for Airmen

- Devoted herself to BOSS mission accomplishment; obtained outstanding results for the Airmen & Soldiers of Hohenfels

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