Cable/Outside Plant EPR Bullets

- Piloted JAG C4 upgrade; surveyed 1K sq ft/engineered 6 links--amp'd ntwk access f/27 pers/170 legal consults wkly

- Outside experience enabl'd quick--infrastructure location f/6 fiber/copper cables; deter loss to AFTAC C4 capabilities

- Enhanced 45th Space Wg facility; Installed switch patch panel f/40 hosts--expanded CE bldg. 710 f/ future expansion

- Handpicked f/910th A/W CoC; deployed PA equipment--flawless event fostering esprit de corps f/>600AMN/5 DVs

- Completed 45 mx inspections f/45th space Wg; extended $56M voice switch service life--ensur'd 13K usrs 8.5K lines

- Bolstered $928K Win 10 project; installed uplinks to 4 switches--deployed 4.1K laptops AoS/set AF-wide benchmark

- Built 4 Main Distribution Frame Pods holding 24 distribution frames supporting 25K tel lines--doubled telcom capacity

- Directed 302 AMXS request; provided 8 data & 4 voice drops--expanded comm capes & slashed repair time by 50%

- Directed response to cable cut--orchestrated actions of 24 technicians; 140 users/three rerouted in 30 minutes

- Engineered fiber cable scheme for RAS; 1.5 Mbps bandwidth upped to 100Mbps to solve long-term data loss

- Executed AFSPC fiber installation; engineered 2 secure uplinks--enabled joint level planning ISO SECDEF missions

- Expertly fabricated cable assemblies--prevented simultaneous display failure--no impact to live-fly operations

- Fabricated cables for SEADS exercise circuit; prevented crippling delays--saved AF $500 in contractor costs

- Facilitated $300K comm upgrade at Ammo site; ran 1K-pair cable--relieved saturation w/650% line expansion

- Installed 54 comm racks and over 25K feet of cabling--completed expansion project 4 weeks ahead of schedule

- Installed a $5M Tech Control Facility and a $3M Network Control Facility in 12 mobile shelters across Iraq

- Isolated faulty PAR cable assembly--temporary replacement prevented 27 days downtime--saved 135 sorties

- Led shop response to cable cut--orchestrated actions of 24 technicians; 140 users/three units up in 30 minutes

- Mentored subordinates, provided training opportunities necessary for mission accomplishment--100% mission success

- Orchestrated SIPRNet cable rqmt; installed 24 lines--enabled 46th Test Sq warning/readiness trng platform activation

- Ran 300 ft cable in Personnel Readiness Unit; high-speed access to network--enhanced deployment processing

- Renewed PATRIOT battery C3; prgm'd alt ntwrk link to NMCC--postured $143M def sys/safegaurded 44M civilians

- Resolved 325 FW/CP comm outage; rerouted 25 radio/voice circuits after cable cut--C2 operability in 4 hours

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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