Ceremonies and Parades EPR Bullets

- Collaborated w/8 mbr protocol team; energetically assisted w/EUCOM CoC-- contributed to unparalleled team success

- Co-led gp CoC cmte; coord'd w/DFAC procured supplies/$200 refreshments--event lauded by Wg/CC & new Gp/CC

- Represent'd WSA at wg award ceremony; emcee'd event f/ 200 prsnl/enhanced speaking skills--lauded by base ldrshp

- Sel'd as Vet Day Wg POC; coord'd 10 Amn/3 vehicles for joint NG-VA ceremony--honored veterans/upheld tradition

- 1st choice for MXG POC for FW CoC; coord/directed set-up/parking plan/reception--event lauded by 3AF CC

- Chaired 379 EMXS CoC; coord facility prep/PA script/vols, 16 DVs/274 guests--lauded by 379 EMXG/CC

- Cmd'd 4.2K Amn during 6 retreat ceremonies; perf'd flawless military traditions--awed 10K families/attendees

- Emceed Maintenance Professional of the Year Banquet; rocked event for 800 attendees--coined by MXG/CC

- Enabled FW/CC CoC; led static tow tm/sq formation mbr--demonstrated 31 FW pride, lauded by USAFE/CC

- Fortified Wg/3 Sq CoC events; staged 4 display acft/prep'd hanger--fostered successful traditional ceremonies

- Hand-picked escort for POW/MIA remembrance ceremony; 100 attendees--role exemplified military tradition

- Handpicked for AMXS/MXS/MOS CoC; set-up/formation mbr--flawless event w/ 500+ in attendance/7 DVs

- Leader; co-chaired 31 MXG Chief's retirement ceremony/dinner--showcased 30 yr career--memorable event

- Managed US/IT Friendship Fest; delivered remarks for ceremony--ensured partnership event success for 1K+

- Master of Ceremony for SNCO retirement; authored script/set-up event--recognized 22 yrs of honorable svc

- Moderated AFCENT awards presentation; recognized seven top performers--team lauded by Major General

- Narrated officer retirement ceremony; imparted honor/dignity on 31 yr career--superior send-off for an AF ldr

- Participated in 31 FW CoC '13; stood in formation/boosted esprit-de-corps--400+ guest/lauded by 31FW/CC

- POC for retirement ceremony of unit SMSgt/1st Sgt; deftly handled all details--honored SNCO's 22 yrs of svc

- Point-man for high-vis events; narrated CMSgt retirement/NCO Charge at wg event--embodied prof AF image

- Prepared a/c for 31 OG Change of Command Ceremony; lauded by wing leadership--fostered esprit de corps

- Proffered Sq CoC/2 promo ceremonies; revered 9 promotees/fostered esprit de corps...exuded prof excellence

- Selected for ITAF CoC Ceremony; honored out-going/incoming Host Base CC--cemented US/Italian freindship

- Selected for Wg CoC formation/acted as concierge; greeted 250 Amn/guests...exemplified AF heritage/values

- Supported a/c setup for 31AMXS/MXS dual Change of Command--stellar ceremony/fostered esprit de corps

- Teamed for 379 EMXG/CC going away; facilitated vols/produced memento--bolstered grp's morale/welfare

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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