AFSC 5R Chaplain Assistant

Managed program review/self-inspection team; ensured chapel maintained compliance--all areas rated 100%

Acquired MWR funds; $9.5K hosted five WG-wide appreciation events--twelve units/3.3K jt svs mbrs uplifted

Logistics Contract Manager

- Chaplains Aid--maintained three facilities/prepped 57 services--sustained ecclesiastic care for 120 attendees

- CTOF purchaser--procured supplies/140 community events--bolstered outreach relations w/700 local nationals

- Selfless professional; designed soundboard/projector mount/lectern/Chaplain coin--eased chapel manning gap

- Stepped in/filled gap; quickly finished GPC training/$73K end of year purchases--CC met 13 vital sq priorities

- Obtained AT/FP OJT; performed 2.5K residential site evals--120+ DoD/NATO personnel/dependents secured

Chaplain Assistant Apprentice

- Responded to multiple crisis situations in both suicide prevention and post-deployment airmen

-- Preserved several marriages and the careers and livlihoods of more than 20 Airmen and families

Chaplain Assistant

- Educated over 450 ALS students on suicide prevention awareness, skills, and knowledge

- Assisted in creation of Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) at Charleston AFB

- Arranged over 25 First Term Airmen luncheons and briefings--boosted confidence, effectiveness

- Organized, prepared meals and briefings for over 600 Airmen--ensured 100% positive Chapel image

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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