Combat Crew Comm EPR Bullets

- Earned (ISC) Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) Certification; renewed AFSC required CompTIA Sec+ cert

- Prepares/updates FLIP materials & kits accordingly; insures appropriate materials for each specific msn are accurate
- Develops methods w/Gp CC to evaluate and increase training effectiveness and improve CCC efficiency for aircrews
- Controls and safeguards all classified materials/equipment, Automatic Data Processing Equipment, and supply accts
- Provides CIA by verifying IA controls are implemented in accordance with DoD and Air Force IA standards/policies

- Suppt'd MOBILITY GUARDIAN; built, distrib'd 70 COMSEC kits for 54 acft from 11 nations--no outage due to COMSEC

- Deployed 180 days in support of OIF, provided C2 for 100+ combat sorties--173 EKIA & 342 enemy captured

- Revised deployed COMSEC continuity binder, developed training program--reduced COMSEC incidents by 50%

- Contributed to the effectiveness and success of unit--resulted in consecutive "Outstanding Unit of Year" awards

- Deployed Combat Controller Teams and Support Personnel supporting rescue efforts during Hurricanes Katrina and Ike

- Trained emergency-deployable crew members, ensured deployed operators successful in high ops tempo environment

- Repaired critical MetNav equipment during Exercise COPE THUNDER--completed msn & safely landed C-130 aircraft

- Served as Flt Superintendent asst; processed personnel actions for 170 amn--no late redeployments

...demonstrated a superior level of professionalism in managing the RIVET JOINT's high operations tempo by constructing and safeguarding 36 aircrew communications security kits, ensuring 100 percent mission success.

...enabled 433 coalition sorties, greatly enhancing joint war-fighting capabilities for Combined Forces Korea. In addition, he coordinated 10 time sensitive targets, successfully prosecuting twenty desired points of impact and directly contributing to the 51st Fighter Wing's overall Excellent rating for the 2012 Pacific Air Forces ORI.

...contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 12-man shop he managed. He has trained over 370 crew members on communications security and operation procedures and issued accurate communications kits and classified documents to C-17A aircrews in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM. In addition, he has provided support to Air National Guard aircrews, command and control communications for four distinguished visitor missions, and updated communications kits. He improved the handling and storage of classified materials entrusted to aircrews and ensured all semi-annual and major command communication security inspections were passed.

...participated in the planning and execution of two Command and Control missions, supporting a crew of 7 air battle managers for 1,900 aircraft, supporting 60 troops in contact, and 70 high priority missions. His crews provided 220 hours of over watch, identifying and tracking 3,000 aircraft safeguarding 337,000 square miles for six Gulf Coast Council nations.

...delivered decisive airpower for OEF with 1,000 coalition aircraft operating, enabling the transfer of over 100,000 pounds of fuel and deconflicting over 600 ROZs. He supervised US and coalition crews and led 110 positional shifts which provided air power for NATO and coalition ground forces. His timely support ensured the deconfliction of a major personnel recovery event which expanded EW/ISR/CAS coverage and ensured support to a co-located Troops in Contact, Personnel Recovery event.

...supported 250 CAS missions, 110 Troops in Contact events, and 99 kinetic strikes resulting in over 150 enemy KIA or detained. He orchestrated interoperable communications for over 100 special operations missions, integrated CAS, EW, Gunships, and UAVs, resulting in over 150 insurgents neutralized. In addition, he initiated crucial radio repairs and instructed distant ends in bumping crypto and re-established theater-wide communications.

...upgraded and evaluated three Airmen which increased positional manning by 50 percent and instructor manning 100 percent, directly enhancing unit combat readiness. Furthermore, his coordination with three C2 agencies while executing COMSEC protocols and ensuring secure transmissions for over 200 combat training missions decreased interdiction tasking timing from over 20 minutes to less than 10 for the 8th Fighter Wing.

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