Dash -21 EPR Bullets

- Leveled acft to w/in 1/10,000 of an inch for depot level DIC system repair--optimized acft warfighting capes

- Orchestrated crew door repair in collaboration w/ sq structural engineer--contrib'd to 100% mission sortie rate

- Managed over 4 million dollars in maintenance assets; received zero demerits during wing-level conducted audit

- Led shift ops; oversaw 4 mbrs/500 configs/cut 164 mx acts--back'd 4.3K sorties/secured Sq OTQ win--bested 22 Sqs

- Penn'd EEL AFTO22; demo'd chg f/UEI, sv'd $169K/yr--recognized as Wg's WoW; awd'd Tm OTQ/Mx Spt Pro OTQ

- Developed sustainable minimal survival kit for AAF; trained AFE team/crew--outfitted 19 aircraft w/ vital SAR items

- Led AFE MX scheduling; sched'd swap ops of 168 chutes/kits on 21 aircraft--zero delays on daily flt missions

- Maintained SERE flotation equip; inspected/repaired 2 training rafts; WST performed with zero malfunctions

- Quality Assurance inspector--685 LPU-10/p life preservers deficiency free--increased inspection rate by 10%

- Inspected/repacked life rafts; readied $47K in survival gear--pilots in 3 squadrons ready for emergency egress

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