How to Decode and Read an EPR

EPRs are required to be written in a format peculiar to the U.S. Air Force. When accomplishments are listed in an annual performance report, they are almost always limited to a single line. This means that a feat that may have taken months of planning and effort must be fully described in one line. To accomplish this practically impossible task, supervisors have resorted to all sorts of abbreviations in order to shoehorn an event into 80 spaces. And this practice, which has evolved over the years, has made EPRs harder and harder to decipher and read, especially by anyone outside the writer's career field.

There is no official guidance. Any word may be abbreviated in any manner desired. Below is a table with the most commonly used abbreviations with their corresponding meaning.

< -less than

> -more than

+ -over/more than

& -and

/ -in, and, with, per

1st -first

accts -accounts

a/c -aircraft

acft -aircraft

add'l -additional

AF -air force

amn -Airmen

appts -appointments

awd -award

bldg -building

cape -capability

cc -commander

CDR -commander

cert'd -certified

cgo -cargo

civ -civilian

cmbt -combat

cmd -command

cmd's -command's

coor'd - coordinated

crs, crse -course

dev'd -developed

dir'd -directed

dmg -damage

emer -emergency

ex -exercise

exer -exercise

f/ -for

fab'd -fabricated

flt -flight

gp -group

grp -group

hrs -hours

id'd -identified

incr -increased

insp -inspection

insp'd -inspected

int'l -international

jt -joint

K -thousand

lbs -pounds

ldr -leader

ldrshp -leadership

lvl -level

mbr -member

med -medical

mgr -manager

min -minute

mng'd -managed

mo -month

msl -missile

msn -mission

mtg -meeting

muns -munitions

mvmt -movement

mx -maintenance

ofc -office

ops -operations

org'd -organized

pers -personnel

poss -possible

prgm -program

prods -products

psnl -personnel

pt -patient

QoL - quality of life

qual -qualification

r2'd -removed and replaced

rcv'd -received

rds -rounds

rdy -ready

rqmts -requirements

req'd -required

rt -rate

rtn'd -returned

SA - situational awareness

spt -support

spt'd -supported

sq - squadron

srts -sorties

std -standard

svc -service

sys -system

tm -team

tng, trng -training

trans -transportation

veh -vehicle

vol'd -volunteered

vs -versus

wg -wing

wg's -wing's

w/ -with

w/o -without

wpn -weapon

wx -weather

yr -year