Dedicated Crew Chief

- Fill-in midshift expeditor; spt'd PACAF's sole C-17 flying unit/sync'd 17 AD/ANG/Civ psnl--gen'd 254 srts/1K flt hrs

- DCC in PACAFs sole F-15C/D unit; mngd acft 85-0115 w/72.8 MC rt/gen'd 119 srts FY18--obliterated 76% CAF std

- Maint'd Sq flagship; delivered 76% MC rt/gen'd 145 srts FY18--powered 18 WG FHP w/6.5K srts/9.9K hrs FY17/18

- Handsel'd as DCC f/acft 82-0036; maint'd 2.8% break rt/58 flt hrs/37 srts w/zero aborts--AMU's #1 acft, Nov-Dec '18

- Discovered leaking E-Tams during launch; initiated redball/reseated seal--acft srt code one/enabled 374 srts Jun '18

- Pinpointed severe AMAD/FOHE leak at EOR; rtn'd acft to spot--averted possible in-flt sys failure/loss of $44M acft

- Led acft fuel tank installation team; configured 22 jets with fuel tanks; met Jun '18 surge tasking 231 srts/206 flt hrs

- Trained eight Amn on acft towing procedures; certified 27 5-skill lvl core tasks--ensured 100% upgrd rqmts fulfilled

- Headed flt maneuver abnormality mx tm; allied 12 sects across 4 units f/13 sys rprs--clr'd 2 aircrew ck rides 1st time

- Vital mbr f/4-day surge Nov '17; trnd three Amn on JFS bottle initial svc'g/gen'd 18 acft--enabled 235 srts/199 flt hrs

- Discovered severe hydraulic sys leak at EOR; directed acft turn-back--elim d possible IFE/loss of $44M acft/air crew

- Instrumental to three unit surges; responded/crushed 13 servicing red balls/ensured zero abort--crucial to 591 trng srts

- Discovered delaminated radome; removed/coord'd field-lvl rprs/reinstalled--reinforced structural integrity/svd $101K

- Mentored new Amn thru on-the-job trng; certified eight prsnl on 16 5-level core tasks--incr'd flt qualifications by 8%

- Performed 587 EOR insps; detected seven discreps/ensured zero mishaps--enabled Sq's 82% MC rt Jun/best in FY18

- Resolved flt ctrl hydro malfunction; replaced cracked stabilator pressure line--restored sys integrity/averted poss IFE

- Proficiency; achieved a 98% on aircraft forms & documentation evaluation during a 4 week alert

- Upheld 4 week alert--North Korea Missile Crisis; 23 msns/126.1 hrs/1.2M lbs off-loaded--vital intel gathered

- Exhibits excellence; garnered 2 zero defect QA evals on refuel tasks--solidified 93% APG QA pass rate FY14

- Phenomenal; achieved 94.2% mission capable rate Dec 08 /impeccable 98.6% Jul 09--AMU High Flyer twice

- Coord 3 FY11/12 100% stockpile inventories; $183M assets validated < 3 days--confirmed 100% accuracy rte

- Prepared 44 egress issue requests; 70+ assets/$150K--ensured muns availability for wg $1.34B/50 F-16 fleet

- Fulfilled 11 USAFE RDOs; id'd/analyzed serviceability of stockpile assets--svd AF $10.5M in shipment costs

- Performed four monthly 10% inventories; 1.2K assets/$105M--assured 100% muns for OCO msn sustainment

- Expertly performed 271 periodic insps; preserved $465M PGM components--guaranteed WRM serviceability

- Completed TCTO on 88 air-to-air trng missiles; eliminated possible in flight hazard--bolstered pilot/acft safety

- Maintained $679M PGM stockpile/9 wpn systems; sustained 4 units/79 F-16s--strengthened CAF's largest fleet

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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