Air Force Dental EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Oversees all fundamental tasks concerning records/reception/logistics/radiology/dental instrument processing

Performance Assessment

- Propelled UGT/13 Amn; cert'd 61 criti tasks/5 & 7 lvl rqmts--streamlined initial trng/incr'd job qualification f/trainees

- Managed Oral Surgery dept; monitored 63 sedations/9 techs/8 docs/assisted 5 cases--genrated $42K treatment

- Sole oral surgery IV trainer; imparted three critical OS/IV sedation tasks--certified 2 Amn to perform pt IVs

- Retrained nine technicians proper surgical sterility/aseptic techniques--solidified adherence to IC guidelines
- SME intravenous puncture; 62 IV lines started/70 pts/<1% needle restick/miss rate--decreased pt anxiety
- Scrutinized 70 sedation charts; targeted/fixed 145 documentation errors--confirmed 100% pt record accuracy
- Audited 39 enlisted trng records; rectified 115+ vital documentation errors--AFTR accuracy rate increased 5%
- Back-filled preventive dentistry section; provided oral cleanings 14 pts/42 procedures--produced $2K in care

- Cleaned/scraped 2880 teeth to ensure clean and hygienic smiles for 90 personnel--promote now

- Directed ops for 11 mbrs; coord'd 3K procedures for 1.2K wg populus--vital to wg dental readiness 99.5% rt

- Dental Executive Function Org mbr; guided clinic prgms/policies--key to steady focus on performance metrics

- Managed dental logistics; ordered $63K in eqpmt/supplies--facility met new IV sedation monitoring guidelines

- Performed 195 preventive procedures; produced $13K care--81.6% dental health rate 4th Qtr '13/#1 in USAFE

- Team player; produced $4.6K in care during manning shortage--seized 97.3% base dental ready rate/2.3%>AFDS std

- Gp Top 3 VP; coordinated 4 Lunch & Learns for MDG attendees--imparted new EPR/DSD knowledge to 56 gp mbrs

- Synchronized deployment dental support; expedited care for 2K warriors--helped sustain AF's highest deployed wing

- Manpower/security tm chief; directed 26 MDG mbrs through security measure implementation--secured $4M facility

- Sq Compliance Mgr; oversaw 14 self-inspections/8 SAV fixes--enhanced standardization and process improvements

- Facilitated sq budget execution; equipped 52 sq mbrs--ensured $800K clinic's ability to sustain mission requirements

- Established new sharps accountability procedures; accounted for 475 blades/needles--zero cuts/needle sticks

- Asst'd NCOIC w/annual inventory; diligently insp'd >60 dental articles--recovered $9K in AF eqpmt/property

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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