Dock Chief EPR Bullets

- Orchestrated 18 F-16 400-hr phase insps; drove mx of 10 workcenters--returned 7.2K hrs to FHP/5.9K sorties

- Piloted 4 a/c impounds; scrutinized 3.2K repairs/documentation--fueled USAFE '12 Gen Creech Mx Awd win

- Led flt LCAP prep; initiated hot-spot cklist/100% QA PE pass rt--propelled Z/D '13 LCAP/91% flt QA pass rt

- Oversaw ckpt FO search; prevented R2 of seat & canopy/96 man-hrs--rolled 8 on-time phases/first in 18 mos

- Drove schd mx w/ 11 agencies; merged 72 TCIs/24 TCTOs/6-yr gears--powered 98.6% MSE rt/CAF std 95%

- Scrutinized 957 forms pages/2.9K IMDS entries; rectified 30 major errors--100% forms KTL pass rt/up 77%

- Revamped 800-hr panel charts; validated documentation of 123 items--ensured CAF high 86.8% MC rt Jan '13

- Expedited R2 of JFS inlet/exhaust ducts; synchronized NDI & local SM repair--averted $52K replacement cost

- Troubleshot engine start anomaly; drove turbine overspeed switch repair--svd 40 man-hrs/$341K replacement

- Directed 9 F-16 IFE responses; resumed airfield ops <10 min avg--fueled Wg's 1.9K flying hrs 2nd Qtr FY13

- Corrected configuration mgmt; initiated 100% serial number verification--solidified 100% IMDS compliance

- Championed 16 wg spar TCTOs; led R2 flaperons & mounts/coord corrosion repairs--dodged $8.4M wg costs

- SME prep'd TA; led recovery 18 A-10Cs, coord ESTA support--lauded "Outstanding Support" by USAFE A4

- Managed 25-mbr Phase dock; drove 25K mx actions--propelled 31 MXG '12 USAFE Daedalian Mx Awd won

- Guided 4 dock chiefs; documented/reviewed 9K 781/IMDS entries--boosted QA pass rt 32% active forms SIs

- Instructed 24-hr CDDAR crs; certified 11 mbrs, 6 vital positions--raised Wg's emerg response capability 40%

- Mastered 2 leadership crs; applied lessons learned/overhauled Phase flow plan--slashed completion by 2 days

- Obtained alternate fuel mx location; merged wg spar TCTO/Phase--salvaged 192 man-hrs/2 days NMC per a/c

- Trained 152 phase workcard items; educated 7 NCOs 85 ops cks/all upgraded--boosted mx qualifications 65%

- Achieved CCAF Aviation Mx Tech degree; 6 credit hrs, Psych/CLEP'd Speech--garnered dean's list 2nd Sem

- Emceed Sq CC call; led set-up for 300+ mbrs/7 flts--presented 4 decs/recognized 5 promotees, 47 total awds

- Pursued FAA Airframe & Powerplant cert; finished Powerplant Theory & Applications class--12 credits away

- Mentored 7 NCOs; recruited 6 Focus 5/6 mbr, attended ATTA Lunch & Learn--Sq's "Griffin of the Month" Dec

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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