Equipment Custodian EPR Bullets

See also: Equipment Custodian Awards & decorations

- Current Ops rep; recovered 391 ntwk forms/ordered 16 laptops/distributed 164 IPads--mitigated ops info degradation

- Mng'd $6.7M equip property account w/ 100% accuracy--best rating awarded by MXS/MOO during EAE URI insp

- Managed 158 items valued at $3.3M; ensured compliance with Train Advise Assist Command-South reduction plan

- Performed meticulous inventories; identified and corrected an equipment account error valued over $650 million

- Overhauled Alternate Mission Equipment program; improv'd account'g of 8,000+ safety, protection & survival equip

- Performed forensic inventory--recovered more than $3M of SPRAM maintenance equipment account assets

- Vol'd as dental laboratory Equip custodian; accounted for $135K in equip--zero discrepancies during annular audit

- Maintained accountability, serviceability of all Wx Flt equip--facil'd 100% readiness to support contingency ops

- Developed a mission tracking database that monitored assets worth $550K--improved inventory efficiency by 25%

- Alternate equipment custodian; inventoried $150K worth of computer equipment--ensured 100% accountibility

- Managed over 4 million dollars of maintenance assets--received zero demerits from a wing-level conducted audit

- Vigilant & reliable equipment custodian--accountable for over 740 items--zero defects during inspections

- Accounted for & coord'd transfer of $30K+ of vital equip to Army ISO Ali Air Base transition--seamless operations

- Managed 64 computer equip accounts, trn'd 123 equip custodians--100% accountability of $16M in computer assets

- Redesigned equipment custodian account--located and recovered 1.6 million dollars in construction equipment

- Identified 133 items to DRMO, tot'd $85K saved with an overall budget cycle value of $20K saved by Joint Base

- Tracked eq use; reduced $33K in equipment waste for 60 items that can be reused within the Air Force community

- Mng'd $500K; inventoried 1K+ items/corrected 80 errors--maintained 100% accountability without trng deviations

- Acquired/configured 40 iPads; uploaded /tech data/modernized 4 crses--eliminated $15K/yr printing expenses

- Oversaw transfer of $3M of serviceable C-130H equip to AF units world wide--improved units' capes & readiness

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