Financial Management EPR Bullets

- Produced DB to provide ldr's w/ accurate data on unpaid mil/trvl pay--expdt hndrds/mbrs receipt of pay & entlmnts

- Mg'd SFS $3.3M budget! Spt'd 285 SF psnl/44 UTC s/>$7M--prot'd assets=15 KC-135, 10 CV-22 & 7 MC-130/$5B
- Handl'd GPC program recon; crtf'd 150 accts/$1.5M monthly avg f/FY16--garnered $33K rebate f/wg QoL initiatives

- Researched and resolved complex internal/external budget issues; maintained integrity of all appropriated funds

- Trusted w/largest FM prog on TM! Spt'd 1.4K msns--skilled analysis allowed FY16 $32.5M closeout w/zero fallout
- Oversaw $12M pymts; coord'd $152K print contract/8 Mil Inter-departmental PRs--guaranteed TM print capabilities
- TM LMR data call lead! Right-siz'd'd 94 radios/sav'd $500K--TM $1M 1st responder net refresh set!
- Key to Op JUNIPER MICRON success; MSG TM cert'd 737 /$1M--enabl'd 1.6M gal offload/crit NATO AAR op
- Bolstered QoL f/480 junior enlisted w/$20K wifi project f/$70M/5-dorm campus--Wg/CCC: Huge TM morale haul!
- Led FY16 qtrly cash count team; ensur'd proper use of $525K/460NOK f/3 sqdn/GSUs--safeguard'd f/U.S. Treasury

- Meticulously researched open document listing; identified & deob'd 13 PY items valued $65K--reduced 5 yr backlog

- Managed $5.1M MSG CRA bdgt; in-depth analysis for five sqs/support gp staff--100% obligated by CRA end
- Oversaw CED cert process; certified 66 orders/$102K in 2 hours--successful execution of Operation
- Partnered w/DLA/DFAS; identified/corrected $29K in erroneous fuel charges--saved $221K in mission funds
- Administered $2.8M pmnts; processed 36 docs w/DFAS, coord'd 8 MIPRs--funded DAPS printer svcs for Wg
- Smashed Triannual Review items; integral in research of 35+ docs--validated $250K w/$80K returned to units
- Meticulously certified $1.8M; created 24 planning Fm 9's--enabled seamless FY16 crossover/0 msn stoppage
- Linchpin in OTJ; coor'd w/USAFE A3 on short notice taskings/300+ mbrs--enabled successful show of force
- Processed $6.9M+; obligated 160 docs w/100% accuracy, transferred 5 PY charges--freed up $70K for FY16
- Mentored CPTS; briefed 2 officers, 9 enlisted, & 5 Civ on AF plan to rebuild for war & FM contingency ops

- Educated 122 PCS-in newcomers 1-on-1/id'd 32 high cost of living hardship issues/reduced brief time by 30%

- Coordinated/report'd GTC data to MAJCOM FM/base APCs; advised Wg leadership/delinquencies declined 5%

- Ramrodded 62 time sensitive DTS accruals/paid $76.2K late GTC bills; mitigated DoD AEF cycle bottleneck

- Organized 2 no-notice cash verification audits; validated $51.5K cash-on-hand--100% Disbursing Ops accountability

- Engaged w/Wg ldrs to build case for E-6 BAS approval; reduced DFAC overcapacity by 15%--superb decision supt!

- Competent professional; skillfully planned/executed AF BAH Audit, documented over 1000 dependency updates

- Aggressive focus on GTC prgm! Lowest delinquency rate in 3+ yrs; rcv'd rebate providing add'l funds for Wing

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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