First Sergeant EPR Bullets

- Accomplished 40hr 1st Sgt seminar; advisor on QoL issues/mentored 16 Amn--equipped as AF operational ldr

- Acquired $200 gift card from nat'l restaurant chain; fed recruiter fam of 6--alleviated Thanksgiving meal costs

- Acquired free mental health counseling for civ suicide attemptee--member returned to family/flt within 2 weeks

- Acting MDG 1st Shirt/3 wks; advised 5 sq CCs/340 medics--assisted admin of 2 UIF/Ctrl Roster, 1 Article 15

- Assisted NCO/family of 4 through identifying substance dependency; mbr successfully completed rehab prgm

- Attended Marriage Counseling Support seminar; enhanced ability to address marital disputes--CRB prepared

- Coordinated trng for 21st Space Wg 1st Sgts/CCs; educated on incarceration procedures--12 mbrs enlightened

- Cultivated high stds; accomplished 110 ABU/Blues uniform inspections--instilled professional military image

- Exceptional leadership/mentorship instrumental in unit garnering AFRS Standard of Excellence award, FY14!

- Ferried CC through Art 15 process; 1 admin separation, sensitive civ complaint--maintained balanced justice

- Filled 1st Sgt position 6 mo; advised CC on health/welfare for 80 mbrs--enhanched org interpersonal communication

- Filled 3 mo 1st Sgt gap; fed CC advice on 54 instr's/5K stdt's--completed 52 Red Cross tasks/sustained Sq ops

- High-level community chmpn; Pres of 501c3 for 5 chldrn charities >30k rais'd in spprt of >32k kids

- Lectured at local FTAC class; guided discussion "What is a First Sergeant?"--instilled pos image to 70 airmen

- Led/trained 12 rookie shirts in 3 PAFB dorm sweeps; 2 findings/4 expulsions--ensured safety for 500 residents

- Negotiated discounts for unit mbrs w/local YMCA; saved >80% on costs--sq achieved 51% excellent scores

- Provided guidance/mentorship for mbr/family after diagnosis/treatment for thyroid cancer-morale/spirits lifted!

- Quickly reacted to mental health/homicide threat--mbr rcv'd crucial/timely emergency help/back to 100% duty

- Recognized 2 NCOs at local council for Diamond Sharp awd; selected as 372 RCG Tuskegee Archer nominee

- Respected leader; maint's GOAD/morale/Amn dvlpmt for 150 assn'd mbrs 3 STEP II prmtns, 5 ALS grads

- Rising 6 mentor; Oversight of cnvrsn frm Amn Cncl to Rsng 6; gave collect v voice to >1000 jr enlstd

- Spoke to FTAC, ALS, & SNCO panels on pitfalls and career progression; educated and influenced 80 Airmen

- Sr mbr of 1st Sgt council; mentored peers managing >2000 mbrs; 15 peers hv proper tutelage to advise sqdrn CC's

- Synchronized/conducted SAPR training 80+ geographically separated amn; CSAF policy cemented 0 incidents

- Worked w/PAFB NCOA class; provided $1K+ Christmas toys & diapers--2 remote recruiter families assisted

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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