Fitness EPR Bullets

- Sections Physical Training Leader; mentored/coached/2 struggling members--essential to 95% shop fitness pass rate

- Constantly strives for top physical fitness; systematically scores 95+ on AFFA--sets the example for others to follow

- Sets the bar in fitness requirements, achieved excellent rating on PT test,influences others in physical fitness methods

- Crit alt UFPM; led 7 PTLs/coord'd 16 FAs/guided policy rewrite/crafted COAs f/AF-wide update--"Excellent" rt up 4%

- Personally Dedicated to Fitness; Achieved Thunderbolt level for comp. fitness excellence along with Esprit de Corps

- Enabled 23 A-10C/4 EC-130 on time insps; comp'd/verified 150 avionics mx actions--slashed eval fails 12% wg wide

- Ambitious UFPM for 77 mbrs; led/admin'd 250 FAs; guided 3 mbrs to success after FA fail--solidified Sq's 97% pass rt

- Supported base fitness policy; oversaw/monitor'd FA f/268 members; enforced AF "Fit to Fight" mission/saved $25K

- Top 5% out of 467 defenders fit to fight; lives and trains combat rdy lifestyle--rated 'Excellent' with 99.5% on AFFA

- Supported 16 special events & fitness competitions; delivered high quality events--over 3K in participants

- Performed daily upkeep cardio/weight equip; extended life span of 455 machines--$1.2M assets ready for use

- Fit to Fight/Combat ready way of life; meticulously trained body--warranted "Excellent" rating on FA

- UFPM/PTL; managed 18 PTLs --oversaw/administered 20 mock --contributed to 98% Wg/Sq pass rate

- Health & Fitness Ambassador, completed AF PTL course; administered 140 AF fitness tests supported AF mission

- Volunteered as unit PTL; trained members--improved unit passing percentage by 8%

- Constantly strives for top physical fitness; added 1.5 pts to annual PT score--maintained excellent score

- Compliance guru--reduced Fitness "Non-Currents" by >50% in minimal time ensuring AF Reserve "Fit to Fight"

- Ensures maximum Fitness Standards for 180+ across AMXS; >90% Sq pass rate--22% above AFRC average

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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