Flying Crew Chief EPR Bullets

- 1st choice f/divert acft recovery tm; led 3-mbr tm w/window change--alft'd 2 UH-60s f/OIR...earn'd Sq Amn OTY awd

- Chosen f/AFRICOM spt msn; ID'd eng anomaly/rpr'd fail'd igniter/fan air valve-alft'd 20-mbr SWWC tm to Djibouti

- Drove 1st CINC visit to DPRK; led 4-mbr tm/rpr'd 6 discreps during gen--transp'd 160 staff mbrs/72K lbs POTUS cgo

- Sel'd above peers f/AFCC psn; alert'd to manifold fail/rpr'd seized duct, avert'd msn delay--alft'd ISIL prisoner f/Syria

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