Fuels Management EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Supervises two personnel servicing 9M gals of JAA supporting depot C-5/C-130/C-17/F-15/transient a/c
- Coordinates/directs all fuels operations and maintains all product accounts according to AFI s/DLA Energy Policies
- Audits fuels transactions ensuring proper reconciliation in Defense Logistics Agency-Energy Enterprise System

- Provides technical expertise to units from all U.S. Services on fuel quality control and refueling operations
- Performs quality assurance of U.S. Government purchased fuel at refineries throughout the Pacific region
- Inspects fuel storage, distribution facilities, tank trucks, rail tank cars, and marine vessels
- Assists in providing integrated material management of bulk fuel in support of the U.S. Pacific Command

Performance Assessment

- Member completed two external fuel tank inspection; fixed 10 errors critical for 2 Search and Rescue saves
- Diagnosed C-130 quantity fault; changed three fuel probes vital to Operation Enduring Freedom deployment
- Accomplished HH-60 tank inspection; replaced torn fuel hose--averted ground abort/restored extended range
- Security detail for Angel Thunder; guarded 3000 personnel from 11 other countries--100% FMC execution
- Inspected HH-60G fuel lines; replacing 2 fuel valves completed TCTO instrumental in aircraft's deployment
- Organized deployment increment; loaded/inspected $200K cargo--zero frustrated cargo, on time execution
- Responded to un-commanded fuel transfer red ball; isolated faulty switch--launched MEDEVAC 3 lives saved

- Bolstered US Navy P-3/Army UH-60 msns; svc'd 17 acft w/34K gals of JP-8--key ISR conducted/grnd forces secured

- Ignited KC-135 ops; issu'd 1.4M gals JP-8/171 acft enabled 10K IFRs/1.1M gals--reinforced 33% OIR air-bridge AOR

- Augmented PMT; 1K insps/25 veh fleet/PL-4 assets worth 3.8M/rpr'd 32 minor mx discrepancies--sustained 90% ICR

- Aided w/DLA-E file plan; tracked 6K official documents/billing transcripts--validated $7M in jet/ground fuel sales

- Unsurpassed Fuels Ops Supervisor;guided twelve 302 team; FM leader UTA's--leadership key to PAFB msn success

- POL's premier Ops Supervisor; Led/integrated backfill AD/ANG/AFRC Amn from nine bases across 3 Tempo Bands

- Oversaw issue of 55K gals aviation fuel to 53 CAP F-16's; spt two Alert Launch msns--secured US Southern airspace

- Directed hot fuel spt to HH-60 recovery/response ops; $2.3K fuel issued--efforts assisted CSAR acft crash recovery

- Selected interim 1st Sgt 21 days/64 mbrs; counseled six Amn/resolved four prsnl actions--enforced unit discipline

- Contributed to Joint multinational US/British/Iraqi CAS exercise; trained 12 Iraqi/British fuels prnl--GWoT sustained

- Pinpointed grounding engine fuel leak; R2'd # 3engine hydraflow coupling--eliminated engine flame out threat

- Deployed to Camp Walker, ROK for 30 days; accomplished 100% Quality Control Compliance on 3 refineries
- Inspected Pyong Taek Area Lab; Ensured 100% compliant w/ASTM standard on specification fuel to war-fighter
- Observed 2 vessel inspections; safely resupplied 4.2M gallons JP5 to Navy and Air Force bases in Guam
- Invaluable to DLA Energy Pacific; volunteered to travel via local train to perform 2 LOX/LIN truck refills
- Accurately reviewed refinery Quality Control Procedures; assured contractor met contract responsibility
- Assisted COR in reviewing contracts totaling over $13K for maintenance/operations of ROK Pohang fuel facilities
- Observed 1 vessel inspections; ensured vessel suitability--allowed transport of msn critical fuel to PACOM AOR

- Orchestrated 136 hot refuel ops; delivered 174K gals of JP8--reduced A/C ground time by 33%/drove 4K flying hrs

- Detected fuel leak--contained leak/supervised clean-up--precluded catastrophic environmental contamination

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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