Functional Manager EPR Bullets

- Reviewed BOMC records; ID'd conditions related to MEBs, RILOs, and DAWG referrals--ensured mbrs fit to fight

- Analyzed 3 sq posture/UTC-UMD mismatch; scrubbed 489 UTCs/id'd 40 mismatch--ensured resources/COCOM spt
- Executed 355 FS/CCQ 10S100 AFMD; id'd and corrected position shortage--aligned staff support f/174 war fighters
- Customer orient'd; review'd/analyzed/updat'd local UMD User's Guide--increas'd access/reduc'd phone traffic by 15%
- Scrutinized 13 civ hire position reviews; validated RPA w/organization function/workload--balanced msn/$1.1M pay
- Vanguard 6 ACRs; changed SEIs/SARs/funded/unfunded rqmts f/35 positions within 4 sq--direct spt f/lgst F-16 FW
- Manpower educator; endors'd core competences/UMD position mngt/CPI trng f/59 CCs/SEL--arm'd ldrs w/prof tools

- Fortified Sq's AFSC-specific readiness trng; directed 80 trng rqmts--secur'd 100% readiness skills verification

- USAFE functional x5 mos/9-lvl billet; #1/13 SNCOs/SME to Cmd SG--mng'd 212 Amn/$2.7M/sptd 68K prsnl

- Handpicked by Cmd AFSC mngr; penned SEI manual/trng pln rqmts--shaped career path x680 MH technicians

- Mng'd Cmd SEI/certification trng; led 86 enl/7 instructors--built 16 brd applicants/#1 Cmd in AFMS/10 yr best

- Consummate professional; managed enlisted and SORTS issues affecting 9 Intel AFSCs at over 50 subordinate units

- Validated 99 ABW CMSgt review; accurately vectored 22 critical positions--postured enlisted force's top 1%

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