Halloween EPR Bullets

- Donated 3 hrs to CEG haunted house; setup design/decs f/room--helped raise $7.5K f/Gp holiday party/450 personnel

- AF ambassador; valet for AF Ball/Joan Mann sports day BBQ cook/haunted house construction--raised $1.5K

- Donated over 20 hrs for Squadron Haunted House; raising $3.6k best 554th RHS squadron fundraiser thus far

- Actively involved with 380th wing project; dedicated 16 hours to create haunted house--espirit de corps

- Vol'd over 60 hrs to Halloween Haunted Trail; enjoyed by >15K community members--lauded by town leaders

- Assisted w/sq children's Halloween party; decorated/handed out treats--provided safe alternative for unit mbrs

- Setup "Fall Fest" booth; crafted signage/created "Pumpkin Bowling" game--distributed 200lbs candy/800 kids

- Constructed Fall Fest haunted house; built props/acted as stage characters--safe fun enjoyed by 400 attendees

- Decorated/acted in annual haunted house; entertained >75 mil/civ prsnl--bolstered relations w/local population

- Vol'd 8 hrs to church Trunk or Treat; organized food/activities for local/FW mbrs--bolstered local relations

- Set-up Trunk or Treat Halloween fest; outfitted 30+ cars with various themes--700+ community mbrs attended

- POC for 31 MOS Trunk or Treat; 200+ bags of candy distributed --provided fun/safe atmosphere for children

- QB'd Gp Trunk-or-Treat; led 11 mbr committee/enlisted 31 vols/acquired candy/decs...entertained 450 guests

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