Job Description

- Schedules appointments, initiates telephone consultations, and verifies patient eligibility for care & treatment
- Assists with administrative duties in support of 12 aerospace medicine physicians, 12 IDMTs, and two nurses
- Oversees, updates & files medical records for over 1.8K rated and non-rated aircrew and their family members
- Backup computer sys technician to 16 staff mbrs for updating software/programs helping to maintain daily ops

Performance Assessment

- Key OPR tm mbr; mx'd 10K benes rcds/mitigated 4.5K rcd retirement/packed 179 boxes/$1.1K proj--cut error rt 33%

- Pivotal Tricare advocate; guided 3 pt elective surgeries/collected 63 bills--svd benes $45K med costs/evaded loss of life

- Pt Travel kingpin; enlightened 1 sq, remodeled wrksheets/brfd 148 pts/NMAs--recouped $51.4K travel expenses f/pts

- Vital OPR tm; brfd MDG info f/wg Right Start/inproc'd 30 families/allayed 4.5K rcds retirement--slashed error rt 33%

- Directed wg deployment/PCS waivers; rdy'd pkges/comm'd w/3 MAJCOMs--guarenteed 40 fit-to-fight pers f/6 AORs

- Standardized weekly clinic meetings; assisted 6 providers w/tracking DNIC/DNIF prsnl--ensured 498 flyers msn rdy

- Mastered complex Composite Health Care Sys--reaccomplished 8 provider templates--critical to clinic function
- Managed 5 provider templates/12K appts/4.8K ped pop/98% team continuity--exceeded annual biz plan by 5%
- Processed >800 non appt requests; assessed pt physicals/school med forms--decreased wait from 72 to 24 hrs
- Key mbr SG s PCMH implementation/align'd clinic resources/halted off base referrals--$75K referral cost svd
- Launched sole pediatric developmental clinic in USAFE; enabl'd svc/outreach for 1K EFMP pts--access 100
- Technical acumen; developed complex system/prgm for pediatric clinic--pop hlth/pt ed kiosk outreach for 6K

- Direct'd schedules f/33 staff/5 specialties; coord'd residency training/900 appts--ensured 95% AtC f/28K beneficiaries
- Filled 5 wk gap; championed EFMP prgm/screened/rvw'd/coor'd PCS process f/45 FDIs/135 family mbrs--0 errors
- Sustained TPC prgm; upgraded verification sys/cert'd 2K TPIs--awarded #1 clinic in MDG f/2 mnths/recouped $35K
- Key to PCMH std; compiled wkly HUD rprt/track'd appt availability/max'd AtC stds--ranked #1 GME f/AF f/4 mnths
- Regulated AtC std; rescheduled/triaged 117 pts/reutilized/reconfigured 22 acute appts--averted $9K loss/delay in care

- Assisted in annual QA rev of 800+ health records; contributed to unit's consistent record high inventory rtgs
- Processed med reviews for 19 sec clr investigation requests; supported USM workflow--ensured on-time completion
- Assisted in PHA process enhancements; produced streamlined work flow processes and enhanced customer service

- Managed annual QA rev of over 800+ health records--achieved 6th consecutive 99% record accountability rating

- IACUC pgm manager; submitted 22 research protocols/coord'd 2 insps--zero errors ID'd--key to '15 AMC Hosp OTY

- Performed 10 evals, 30 triages; gathered vital info, provid'd support--freed 45 provider hrs & ensured pt safety
- Managed flt neuropsychological prgm; 450 deployers screened & tested--ensured mbrs combat msn readiness
- Briefed 150 mbrs; SP, ADAPT, stress mgmt presented--promoted wingman culture, mitigated potential mishaps
- Fine-tuned flt HI prgm; audited 350 charts, ID'd deficiencies, streamlined audit criteria-- 100% insp compliant
- Restructured Wg SP prgm; established Sq POCs/protocols--increased Wg trng to 97% shattering AF 90% goal
- Instituted MH tech trng prgm; trnd 3 techs on 180 tasks 3 months ahead of AF std--doubled tech competencies
- Coordinated 55 MDG CRT trng; expertly trained 21 mbrs on disaster Ops--CRT equipped for any contingency
- Instructed APEC/NCOPE/SNCOPE courses; educated 90+ members--enriched Wg enlisted corps at all levels
- Solved emergent pt care access; engineered daily Doc/tech on-call teams & schedules--increased access 85%
- Overhauled Special Duty Prgm; wrote expedient procedures/guidelines--slashed completion time 3wk to 3day
- Overhauled SES Prgm; created optimum policy/database/checklist--reduced ACC reporting time 1wk to 24hr
- Enlisted lead for wg sexual assault exercise; provided ROE guidance, exercise materials--lauded by WG/CC
- Trained face-to-face MDOS suicide prevention; small group leader 10 ppl--accommodating AF short suspense
- Managed MH outreach; briefed sleep hygiene/anger mgmt--4 joint service units supported/promoted resiliency
- Led 3 TSR events, AD death/RC-135 in-flight emergency; provided counseling/education--115 ppl supported
- Provider extender; evaluated/treated 35 ADAPT pt appts--maintaining inspection standards/100% compliant
- Spearheaded Low Risk Alcohol Consumption campaign; 18 wg units participating--lowest DUI rate in 6 yrs
- Received CADC certification; completed 300hrs direct substance abuse pt care--met AF reqmt 1 year early

- Expedited 372 deployment clearances/health assessments; msn success-provided patients 95% access care

- Directed RMC ops/3 personnel; managed 13K referrals/$16M in civilian care-flt garnered Health Plans Team Awd

- Postured flt for safety inspection; conducted 12 spot checks/no write-ups--key to annual Wg "Outstanding" rate

- Collected valuable pt data; processed Third-Party-Collection insurance forms for 400 pts--wg recouped $2K

Health Services Manager

- Accomplished Preventive Health Assessments on over 2,000 active duty and 200 reserve airmen annually

-- Ensured members mission-ready, raised Vandenberg AFB Individual Medical Readiness rating from 85 to 95%

- Selected for Field Response Team and Space Shuttle Response Team; provided meaningful field medical documentation and communications

- Ensured 40 Team Vandenberg members were medically cleared in less than a week to deploy in support of JTF BURNT FROST

- Conducted comprehensive review of 300+ medical records prior to 2008 Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

-- Diligence resulted in zero discrepancies, culminating in "Outstanding" rating

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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