Air Force Honor Guard EPR Bullets

- Render'd honors for POW/MIA ceremony; lauded fallen members for 100+ attendees--honored heroes past & present

- Led 15-mbr HG tm during 30th Annl POW ride; posted colors/served on flag detail--honored heroes past & present

- Hand-picked f/ base Honor Guard; performed 24 details covering 4 states--embodied AF values/honored families/vets

- Led 13 mbr front range HG team; responsible for AOR spanning 93K miles, 49 CO counties and 8 counties in KS

- Functioned as JBA HG Assistant NCOIC; Led 28 trngs/196hrs for 25 guardsmen--advocated AF heritage & tradition

- Base HG Assistant NCOIC; developed new detail training plan for new members--advocated AF heritage & traditions

- Led 557WW Color Guard; facilitated 12 hrs trng for 6 mbrs--honored 3 retiring mbrs/mentored future AF ldrs

- Rendered 10 military funeral honors; ensured proper dignity, honor, and respect given--eased hardship for loved ones

- Vol'd for dplyd base Honor Guard; committed 18 hrs/appt'd tm lead--completed 4 flawless details/recg'd by base CC

- Completed 95 HG details/vol'd 285 hours; provided perfectly folded flag to next of kin--comforted bereaved families

- Exceeded families' expectations; dedicated 165 hrs over 30 funeral details/ceremonies--proved crucial asset to HG tm
- Spearheaded HG PTL program; created comprehensive workout plan for 24 guardsman--ensured flights' zero PT fails
- Primed 20 guardsman; instructed 87 hrs of drill/ceremony training--prepared Amn for msn success/supervisory roles
- Appointed as MAFB HG Bugler; held first spot/two years--provided seven families w/time-honored military tradition
- Led Veteran s Day ceremony firing party; boosted AF/local relations--awarded tribute plaque from American Legion

- Led eight firing-party details; safeguarded $13K in ceremonial rifles--fulfilled NFP duties/received zero insp findings

- Functioned as NCOIC of HG ceremonies; earned qualifications four weeks ahead of peers--embodied AF core values

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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