In-Flight Refueling (1A0X1) EPR Bullets

- 22 EARS Chf Boom; mng'd 14 crews/ATOC spt/input 700 refueling logs--spt'd 558 cmbt msns/xfer'd 24M lbs of fuel
- MSAB site visit lead; led 16-mbr tm/met w/8 base orgs to extend KC-135 spt rqmnts--proved Wg's fwd dplymt capes

- Dvlp'd 8 first dplymnt CGOs; instr'd 21 AMC GRACC lessons/AOR ops differences--CP phase 1 upgrade tng complete
- Revamped Sq UCC pgm; led 3-mbr CPI tm/reorg'd 30 chklsts/12 recall rosters in 50% allotted time--coined by Sq/CC
- Led KC-135 static display ops; scheduled aircrew/ATOC spt--enabled 22 EARS team recognition during SECAF visit
- Oversaw new ERT pgm; created/tracked 4.2K dplymnt reqs/107 mbrs--dcrs'd aircrew turnover time 45%, saved 3 days
- 1/3 BOs FCF qual'd; flew 6 check flts/insp'd AAR eqpmt/trn'd 1 mbr--top 3% entrusted w/system evals, 44 acft...$1.8B
- Filled NCOIC duties outside AFSC; led/mentored 2 SARM prsnl during dplymt--troop coined/recognized Amn OTM
- Org'd Incirlik AADD; led 20 mbrs/provided 73 US & Jt prsnl safe trans--ensured zero DUIs...lauded by 39 ABW/CV
- Completed 3 courses/12hrs; finished 70% w/Bachelor's degree--inspired 5 Airmen to pursue higher ed/passed 4 CLEPs
- 93 ARS IB OTY! Designed BO dvlpmnt pgm; created phase progress OI/built 20 brfs--enhanced 35 1A0s sys knwldg
- ARW NCO/Mo! Dvlp d Wg fuel tracker policy; standardized offld/billing prcs--$10.3M fuel, AEW/CC apprvd MFR
- 92 ARW Dutch Huyser nom! Dply'd TODE pgm lead; mng d 5 implementations/led 20 pers' tng--coined by ARW/CC

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