Leadership EPR Bullets

- Maximized manpower; balanced 2 AFSCs/deployed 14 prsnl between 2 FOLs w/30% 7-lvl deficit--zero msn shortfalls

- Authored 2 EPRs & 3 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Arnn up for success

- Built Flt winners; authored 12 awd pkgs/conducted mock BTZ boards/pushed 3 upgrades--7 Sq OTQ's/1 BTZ/1 OTS

- Chaired ALS ldrshp panel; mentored future NCO's/refined 22 selects--cultivated tier ethos/commandant lauded event

- Completed 2 John Maxwell 5-hour ldrship/prof writing crs's; implemented principles--mentored first term Amn

- Completed 3-day AMC Comm Skills Trng; gained conflict mgmt/effective feedback tools--refined supervisory skills

- Completed 9 cr hr ldrshp/mgmt crs; fortified strategic communication/feedback skillset--shaped Sq Amn OTQ winner

- Delegated critical tasks responsibly--developed and empowered subordinates--workcenter 100% qual first time ever

- Dvlp'd subords; illustrated higher ed significance--2 NCOs on track for '17 CCAF grad/1 enrolled in Bachelors prgm

- Enlisted sponsorship mgr; revamped pgm w/3 Flt's...welcomed 4 Amn/taught SOPs--increased newcomer QoL

- Exceptional supervisor; mentored 11 Amn in financial security--prepared Flt mbrs for nat'l economic downturn

- Filled drug reduction pgm position; completed 4 hr tng crs/notified 10 mbrs--upheld DoD zero tolerance policy

- Filled E-7 billet for 45 days; led 3 offices/14 enl/8 officer--key to PACAF's most dynamic tactics/training/intel prgms

- Gp's SAPR rep; launch from AMC/CV-chaired intro & processed 2 cases--added lasting sq impact to HQ msg

- Guided Sq Amn; org'd university transcripts/vol'd 50 hrs at local elem/wrote BTZ pkg--mbr selected #1 in Wg

- Hand-sel'd for mentor session w/18AF/CCC; gained ldr insight to Enl dev--guided 6 fellow NCOs thru PME process

- Handpicked NCO for OG/CC cross-talk; ID'd fixes for 6 OG issues; highlighted enlisted concerns to leadership

- Mng'd 16 Amn as NCOIC of Sq's largest flt...penned 6 EPRs/7 awd packages--garnered 3 Sq/1 Gp-level awds!

- Sel'd as Sq Suicide Prevention POC; hosted wkly discussions/trained 142 Sq mbrs--upheld hi-vis resiliency initiative

- Wg E5/E6 mentor; guided 9 TSgts thru board selection process/speed mentoring vol--invested in next gen enl leaders

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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