Legal Office EPR Bullets

- Aid'd in high-vis O-6 BOI & compil'd 9 defnse exhibits--95-pg pckge compel'd 3 GOs to retain, sav'd $1M retirement

- Oversaw 1-Star/CC's Green Dot prgm; cleared 14 trng crses/160 pers--fortified SECAF/CSAF's zero-tolerance policy
- Mastered 45-hr Paralegal Contracts crse; cultivated contract law knowledge--readied for AF-wide legal research Ktrs
- Led 2 divisions during 5-mo mngr gap; built 6 comm accts/approved 17 auth/vouchers--bridged gap/mng'd office ops
- Teamed with O-5 f/1-Star/CC's Call; organized comm/logistics/protocol--exec'd x2 flawless events lauded by Snr ldrs
- Coord'd Honorary Cmdr's visit w/11 WG/PA; tracked CV's sched/org'd AFLOA msn brfs--hosted 66 community ldrs
- Finalized AFTR acct w/i AFLOA; ensured compliance f/3 prsnl trng records--guaranteed divisions/agency rqmts met
- Upgrad'd 12 7-lvl paralegals; adv'd UGT process/monitor'd monthly task progression--certified fully-qualified NCOs
- Sel'd f/Snr Contract Atrny's crse; sole enl paralegal of 215 students--provid'd insight f/prlgl utilization in contract law

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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