Load Planner EPR Bullets

- Load planned AEW F-15E swap; 2x EFSs/36& acft/800 pax/462& tons--renewed cbt capes/800 sorties/2K tgts destroyed

- Accelerated AOR's ammo surge; planned 2.5K tons ammo on 777 msns--re-supplied 6 FOBs...largest mvmt in >3 yrs

- Advanced AMC MICAP hi pri taskings; rushed 166 shpmts to 5 FOBs--returned 125 MAF acft to msn capable status

- Assisted 1st CAV tasking; employed 2K weapons/3.4K lbs muns/36 vehicles--reclaimed 90% Mosul/freed 600K civs

- Certified load balance; US Army pax/tactical gear/wpns weighed--900 soldiers/640K+ lbs OND cargo moved

- Coord'd w/AMD; secured airlift for 13 msns/600 stons of foreign mil sales--bolstered partnership w/3 allied countries

- Expedited Op EAGER LION rqmts; expedited mvmt for 11 acft w/300 tons...80% of cargo--enabled 17-nation jt exer

- Oversaw planning for 5K acft and 47K cargo tons; supt'd Op INHERENT RESOLVE--secured 386 EMSG Tm OTM awd

- Positioned 11 MEU into Syria; positioned 775 tons/8 Howitzers/35 MRAPs/21 muns pallets--key to 3K enemies KIA

- Proven load planner; completed over 250 load-plans/manifests with zero discrepancies--max'd acft capacity

- Sped DoD hi-vis tasking; certified 13 construction vehs on 7 a/c--created Al Asad inst landing sys...100% operational

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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