Medical Materiel Specialist EPR Bullets

Job Description

Performance Assessment

- Directed gas mask turn-in for 180 unit members; eased next generation M50 transition; 100% mission readiness

- Supervised warehouse storage overhaul; streamlined flow of supplies--increased equipment accessibility and safety
- Inventoried squadron's_##_ items accountable medical equipment valued at $$$-- 100% mission ready
- Maintained inventory of 526 items w/in 8 hrs/$236K; maintained 2 AE in-flight kits--100% operational readiness
- Attended ## hr Air Force Trainers Course; able to train current and future Airmen--Resp, f. updating ## tng records
- Verified stock levels/reorder points; safeguarded shipments--critical items in place for short/no-notice flt operations
- Aided w/ equipment disposal; utilized redistribution & reutilization of Air Force physical assets--recouped >$90K

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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