Mentor EPR Bullets

- Honed mentor skills; provided daily guidance/prof development sessions for 13 Amn--produced 2 sect BTZ winners

- Completed 4 hr Mentoring Bootcamp; received Mentor badge--prep'd for ldr mentor role/improved mentoring toolkit

- Led clinic modernization proj f/3 depts; procur'd $266K eqpmt/streamlin'd pt flow--launch'd new capes f/7 med prsnl

- Mentored eight Amn; instilled guidance/discipline--yielded six QA honor rolls/three TPoMs/coined by 455 Wg/CCC

- Public svc advocate; vol'd 104 hrs to eight base & private organizations--awarded "President's Volunteer Svc medal"

- Served as interim squadron 1st Sgt for 150 members; counseled 4 amn/resolved 3 prnl actions--100% of issues fixed
- Conducted Wing BLS instructor course, certified 26 new instructors; boosted Wing training stats from 88% to 100%
- Selected to attend SNCOLDC; gained new team building and management techniques; improved mentoring toolkit
- ID'd squadron BLS stats discrepancies; implemented and updated tracking process; improved unit readiness by 20%

- Mentored SrA on PME; restored Amn's reenlistment eligibility--unit's msn-essential personnel retention ensured

- Assessed section's MBTI types; id'd/utilized office strengths, promoted teamwork--catapulted section capes

- Seeks out growth/improvement; qualified 45 mbrs on Self Aid Buddy Care program--boosted unit readiness by 34%

- Proactive mindset; Overhauled Sponsorship Program;ensured smooth transition for >10 newly enlisted airman

- Enlisted Council Member! Represents SOLRS to allow enlisted voice heard to be heard throughout the wing!

- ID'd UMPR/Alpha roster discrepancies; corrected 176 duty position errors--correct data available for AF mgmt pgms

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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