8S000 Missile Alert Facility Manager

Duty Description

- Manages a $6M Missile Alert Facility (MAF) supporting USSTRATCOM global strike & deterrence missions
- On duty NCO responsible for the management, control & general supervision of personnel assigned to the MAF
- Coordinates maintenance activities, tracks site equipment discrepancies & operates stand-by power generator
- Enforces compliance with applicable federal, state & local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards

Performance Assessment

- Corrected massive plumbing failure; repaired crucial burst water pipe--avoided MAF shutdown/maintained msn ops

- Directed $100K MAF lighting upgrade; assisted contractors/guaranteed project completion--increased site vis/security

- Directed 17 fuel orders for five facilities; requisitioned 34.6K gals worth $129K--sustained NC2 mission ops

- Discovered water sys failure; isolated circuit/averted shock hazard--restored function for 10 people/saved $2.5K equip

- Displayed expert system knowledge; mastered QA evaluation--received zero write-ups/upheld annual certification

- Executed emerg ECS restart; restored msl combat crew clean air supply--preserved ICBM command & control center

- Hosted MW/CC for MAF tour; briefed FIP outcomes/QoL initiatives--highlighted FM's daily mission/responsibilities

- Identified brine chiller failure/ECS fault; drove CE dispatch/assisted w/repair--avoided $6M control center shutdown

- Identified water system malfunction; brilliantly by-passed WRO system--prevented $10k/water room equip damage

- Identified/diagnosed frozen MAF pipes; mitigated water supply downtime--prevented damage to $10K system

- Key to #1/15 alert facilities as MAF of 4th Qtr '15; maintained daily excellence & inspection order--sq awarded $500

- Led 20-hr self-help project; stripped/repainted mech rooms/LCC floors--revamped MAF interior appearance

- Maintained equip for 24/7/365 ops; identified/reported 16 discrepancy work orders--ensured MAF fully msn capable

- Managed $13M MAF; ISO USSTRATCOM msn/15 launch facilities--vital to global nuclear dominance/superiority

- Spearheaded site prep for sq code change; readied MAF for 150% personnel increase--20 AF's #1 peacetime mission

- Supervised facility boiler upgrade; $400K project finished on-time--upgraded heating system for 480 members

- Trained four personnel on control center break-in procedures--prepared for emergency rescue of missile combat crew

Master Sergeant Alice J. Walker distinguished herself by meritorious service as Missile Alert Facility Manager, 740th Missile Squadron, 91st Operations Group, 91st Missile Wing, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Walker managed five 14 million dollar missile alert facilities, providing the foundation for the United States Strategic Command's global strike and deterrence missions. Her relentless drive and devotion to duty were a key factor in the 740th Missile Squadron's recognition as the 91st Operations Group Squadron of the Year for 2016. In addition, she volunteered to fill the roles of squadron On-the-Job Training instructor and Facility Manager NCOIC, in addition to her assigned duties. Further, she earned the 740th Missile Squadron's Ground Safety award for her proactive tornado shelter operations at Bravo-01 and her rapid and efficient response to a heating system fire at Charlie-01. Finally, Sergeant Walker's diligent management of kitchen upgrades contributed to three consecutive John L. Hennessey Award wins for the 91st Missile Wing. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Walker reflect great credit upon herself and the United States Air Force.

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