Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) EPR Bullets

2A7X2 Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)

- Spearheaded F-35 fuel cell mod; completed 170 inps 30 days early/ID'd five defects--388th FW attained 5th Gen IOC
- Section trng monitor; oversaw four 7-lvls & 12 5-lvls UGT/305 core tasks completed--improved shop's capes >280%
- Mngd section's CTK prgm; ID'd/corrected 52 deficiencies/ensured precise tool tracking--garnered 100% QA pass-rate
- Supt'd LMA F-35 val/ver; achieved 53%/ID'd 76 procedure errors--saved JSF prgm $190k/912 hrs in AR requests
- Superior performer during "Iron Fist" deployment; insp'd 12 blade seals discovered four defects--averted further dmg
- Performed 12 F-16 canopy sill longeron insps; validated structural part integrity--safeguarded FW's $932M F-16 fleet
- Vol'd 30 hrs to LLS fundraisers; dispersed pamphlets/collected research funds--incrd public health edu/raised >$1.3K
- Found cracked ram air inlet duct; mapped defect location/prompted asset repair--prevented FOD/preserved $4.3M eng
- Discovered excess ZN/SI lvls in 19 oil svc carts; cued sys drain/flush--averted a/c eng contamination/class A mishap
- Coord repair/annual MX of four SEM/EDX units; preserved $920K in AF assets--388 FW '16 UEI rated "Effective"
- Accomplished 10 F-16 phase pkgs; conducted 115 work cards/special/ASIP insps--rtnd 4K flying hrs to 388th's FHP
- Advanced towards educational goals; completed 15 credits--earned Non-Destructive Testing CCAF/attained 3.5 GPA

- Propelled 1.4K PCAMS insp's; ensured eqmt remained w/in tight parameters--ensured unhindered section capabilities

- Performed 128 jobs, totaling 357.1 man hours; resulting in aircraft readiness; increasing PACAF mission capability
- Supported deployment to Guam; enabled squadron to fly 36 sorties totaling 189 flt hrs and off load 318.1K lbs of fuel
- Inspected AC boom after brute force disconnect, verified zero defects; saved USAF 1.5 million in replacement costs
- Completed five level tasks to provide for upgrade training and promotion; on path/time line for next level of career
- Volunteered 270 hours as fireguard/attendant for periods of low manning; enabled safe completion of fuel cell maint.
- Conducted two 1500 hour engine inspections; totaling 28.7 man hrs; certified zero defects returning aircraft to FMC

- Uncovered obscure F-15 horizontal stab crack; prompted structural repair--averted $225K critical asset loss

- Located cracked KC-135 rudder; initiated swift structures repair/returned FMC--aided 909 FY12 7K flt hours

- Aided F-15 urgent action longeron TCTO insp team; ensured structural integrity validity--zero acft grounded

- Inspected 26 F-15 external fuel tank lugs; confirmed zero component defects--returned $488K AF assets FMC

- Joint service supporter; analyzed/tracked 900 USMC HH-53/HH-46 JOAPs--allowed 450 sorties/500 fly hrs

- Led nine F-15 vari-ramps insps; located 15 pieces of foreign objects--enabled 67 FS Raytheon Trophy win '11

- Lead NDI QA augmentee; maintained 100% qual/18 PEs completed--aided FY12 Mx Effectiveness Awd

- Prepared section for 2012 PACAF UCI; zero findings by IG/LCAP/ESOCAMP inspectors--key to 100% rating

- Managed workcenter mx/6 acft; executed 150 dispatch jobs/2K in-shop parts--enabled 7K sorties/15K flying hr

- Analyzed 587 F-15 acft oil samples; 54 acft/$2.1B AF assets--enabled 44 FS Raytheon Trophy win '12

- Id'd corroded KC-135 panel; zero supply balance/local repair initiated--negated gnding/2-wk supply lead time

- Led Individual Acft Tracking insp tm; insp'd 11 acft in 96 hrs--4th QTR FY12 suspense met/enabled 1K sorties

- Executed 13 Canopy Sill Longeron TCTOs; validated part/acft integrity--ensured 12 AOR acft 100% FMC

- Coord'd Navy P-3 acft insp schedule; eval'd procedures/equip reqs--jt service msn met/strengthened capability

- Performed PE during '12 LCAP insp; zero discrepancies noted--bolstered 18 WG overall "Satisfactory" rating

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