Party EPR Bullets


- DMC Thanksgiving dinner Unit focal point; efforts enabled >$2K raised--served at event/showcasing USAF

- Community minded; hosted Thanksgiving meal for Amn from other sq--enhanced quality of life for MXG Amn

- Co-coordinated Sq Thanksgiving feast; ensured 150+ prsnl/family mbrs fed--increased morale during holidays

- Conducted set-up/tear-down for sq Thanksgiving feast; key to event success--enjoyed by 200+ Amn/families

- Selfless volunteer; setup/teardown for AMXS holiday party/AMU Thanksgiving/MPOY--boosted unit morale

- Organized Thanksgiving chili cook-off; coord/judged/provided food for 80 Amn--bolstered flt's esprit de corps

- Volunteered 4 hrs to Sq thanksgiving crew; set-up 35 tables 300 chairs--enhanced esprit-de-corps within Sq

- Donated 4 hrs/sq Thanksgiving feast; led set-up/tear down 35 tables/300 chairs--improved sq esprit-de-corps

- Ran Thanksgiving event; org'd 10 prsnl/3 shifts/fried turkey--awd'd Support "Outstanding Performers," Oct' 13

- Volunteered for local food drive; devoted 4 hrs/distributed $1K groceries--provided 50 families w/Thanksgiving meal

- Aided Top III MXG Thanksgiving feed; organized food donations for 442 psnl--enhanced morale/unit cohesion


- Booster Club VP; planned MXO Xmas Party/led 3 fundraisers raising $1.2K--successful event for 70+ Airmen

- Supported Italian-American Friendship Festival/Wg Bazaar/MXG Kids' Christmas party--community minded

- Vol'd 4 hrs to set up/tear down for Christmas party; created Sq slide show--CC lauded "best party seen to date"

- Booster Club Vice President...superbly coordinated and led key events--raised $200 for MSS Christmas Party

- Holiday Season ambassador; delivered Santa Claus to Christmas tree/Menorah ceremony--delighted 75 base families

- Worked Booster Club Christmas tree booth--raised $700; ran in POW-MIA vigil; intramural volleyball player

- Worked Christmas tree booth--raised $700 for booster club; participated in 3.1 mile POW-MIA vigil run

- Worked Christmas tree booth/car wash fundraiser--raised $950 toward morale programs; successful events

- Spt'd Royal Bank of Canada Christmas toy drive; vol'd 4 hrs/collected 60+ toys--bolstered community relations

PC "Holiday Party"

- Organized Battalion Holiday Gathering; set-up 2 events/worked 12 hrs--memorable prgm for 250 participants

- Gp holiday party cmte mbr; directed set-up/tear down/23 prsnl/20 hrs--bolstered morale for 146+ attendees

- Led Children's Holiday Party set-up; organized entertainment for 27 MDG kids--event deemed huge success

- Selflessly dedicated 12 hrs towards Gp holiday party planning cmte; raised $624 in food sales--spirts uplifted

- Chaired holiday party committee; led six vols/created unique/traceable ticket--efforts rallied over 200 sq mbrs

- Committee mbr for Sq Holiday Party; coord bake sale/delivered goodies--raised $425/offset Amn ticket prices

- Holiday party committee mbr; coordinated set-up, decorations, and ticket sales--safe/fun event for 325 sq mbrs

- Assisted childcare for MOS holiday party; ensured availability for 110 members--squadron morale increased

- Vol'd 6 hrs MXS Holiday party; provided child care/ensured safety 15/100 kids--sav'd MXS parents$3K/costs

- MXG Kids Holiday Party POC; coord'd 2 acft/set-up/tear-down/secured $1K--enjoyed by 400 family members

- AMXS Holiday party committee mbr; assist'd/raised $6k/sold 50+ tickets/$300 raffle tickets--guarnt'd fun evnt

- Vol'd five hrs for 31 AMXS holiday party preparation; led 23 mbr setup team--assured social event success

- 31 MXS Holiday Party emcee; hosted/enriched event/presented 50 gifts/baskets--unforgettable time/287 guests

- Childcare volunteer/AMXS Holiday Party; supervised 40 kids/6 hrs--enhanced fellow MXG mbrs comradery

- Devoted 4 hrs to Gp Kids Holiday Party; coord'd 2 acft/setup/tear-down/14 booth vols--lifted 100 prsnl spirits

- Gave 6 hrs as DD for 721 AMXS holiday party; provided four rides--allowed 200 mbrs a worry free evening

- Organized sq holiday party; managed $6K gift budget, directed festivities--event enjoyed by 200+ mbrs/family

- Sq "Holiday Party" cmte mbr; managed $5K budget/planned fundraisers--key to bolstering morale/115 prsnl

- Devoted 10 off-duty hrs to sq holiday party committee; prep'd/arranged 170 decorations--enjoyed by 200 mbrs

- Devoted 6 hrs to 49 FSS holiday party; provided social support for 25 children/families--saved Sq $1.2K in child care

Family Day

- Planner/committee mbr/DJ for sqdn picnic; guaranteed good time was had by all--efforts lauded by unit CC

- Supported annual Wing picnic; set up and tear down, worked concession stand 5 hrs--increased Airmen morale

- Organized/oversaw LO section cookout; provided food/drinks for 42 mbrs--strengthened unit cohesion/morale

- "Head Chef"; led 7 Amn in providing meals for 150 CE mems during MSG CDI event--event enjoyed by > 500

- Lead Ops/MX Family Day; org'd mx tours/BBQ; secured taxi rides for 25 spouses--fortified unit commradery

- Served at deployed family dinner; set-up event/provided meals for 136 ppl--supported deployed mbrs' families

- Devoted 9 hrs to "Year of the AF Family" picnic; prep'd food for 250 attendees--solidified AF/family values


- Spt'd Women’s History Mo luncheon; sold 250 tickets/oversaw seating & guest list; event praised by lcl Mayor

- Oversaw Asian Pacific Heritage Luau; organized fare/coord'd cultural fashion show--educated 300+ attendees

- Led USO Landsthul Appreciation Luncheon; coord'd event/12 NCOs--recognized 70 AD mbrs/praised by staff

- Volunteered 6 hours for BOSS/CYSS Easter Fest; set up/prep food/clean up--provided a fun event for 150 kids

- Crushed hangar setup for MPOY '13 banquet; biggest turnout in years, 800 prsnl attended--lauded by NAF/CC

- Event planner for base welcome home reception; coor'd facility/refreshments--12 Army/AF mbrs reintegrated

- Led setup crew for 1st-ever MXG/LRS Mx Pro of Yr banquet; coord'd seating for 375--31 FW/CC lauded evnt

- Morale booster; sponsored sq lunch program to raise morale funds--funded social for pilots/honorary sq/CCs

- Led setup/tear down crew for MPOY '13 banquet; unmatched 800+ prsnl attended event--lauded by 31 FW/CC

- Volunteered 6 hrs to MPOY set up; arranged tables/prepped Hanger III--718 attended/enhanced esprit de corps

- Volunteered for Ammo Bowl ice-breaker; assisted set-up/served food--enjoyed by 220+ USAFE Amn/families

- Wg annual awds banquet POC; advertised/sold 30 tickets--ensured recognition spt/boosted Wg esprit de corps

- Created 350 placemats for MPoY banquet; flawless execution--event attended by 300 of Aviano's MXG finest

- Volunteered as Maintenance Professional of the Year banquet planner; 300 attendees--recognized MXG's finest

- Active member of Hispanic Heritage Committee; unparalleled efforts guaranteed annual cultural dinner success


- Donated 3 hrs to CEG haunted house; setup design/decs f/room--helped raise $7.5K f/Gp holiday party/450 personnel

- AF ambassador; valet for AF Ball/Joan Mann sports day BBQ cook/haunted house construction--raised $1.5K

- Donated over 20 hrs for Squadron Haunted House; raising $3.6k best 554th RHS squadron fundraiser thus far

- Actively involved with 380th wing project; dedicated 16 hours to create haunted house--espirit de corps

- Vol'd over 60 hrs to Halloween Haunted Trail; enjoyed by >15K community members--lauded by town leaders

- Assisted w/sq children's Halloween party; decorated/handed out treats--provided safe alternative for unit mbrs

- Setup "Fall Fest" booth; crafted signage/created "Pumpkin Bowling" game--distributed 200lbs candy/800 kids

- Constructed Fall Fest haunted house; built props/acted as stage characters--safe fun enjoyed by 400 attendees

- Decorated/acted in annual haunted house; entertained >75 mil/civ prsnl--bolstered relations w/local population

- Vol'd 8 hrs to church Trunk or Treat; organized food/activities for local/FW mbrs--bolstered local relations

- Set-up Trunk or Treat Halloween fest; outfitted 30+ cars with various themes--700+ community mbrs attended

- POC for 31 MOS Trunk or Treat; 200+ bags of candy distributed --provided fun/safe atmosphere for children

- QB'd Gp Trunk-or-Treat; led 11 mbr committee/enlisted 31 vols/acquired candy/decs...entertained 450 guests

4th of July

- Donated 4 hours to '08 Ramstein July 4th celebration; worked MXS food booth--raised $600 toward sq picnic

- Donated 4 hrs to '09 Ramstein July 4th fest; coord'd 86 MXS food booth--$150 generated for sq holiday party

- Selfless Airman! Worked squadron fundraiser during July 4th festivities--raised $2K for squadron activities

- Dedicated five off duty hrs to 4th of July "Liberty Fest"; earned $1.2K for Sq Booster Club--successful event

- Managed with setup of 4th of July event--mov'd 5k lbs bleachers/sound eqpt--solidified morale for 300+ mil/families


- Organized BBQ social for US & Italian personnel after demanding 2-week CAS surge; boosted esprit de corps

- Supported annual Sq picnic; vol'd 4-hrs for setup/teardown duty--lauded by CMS CC/raised morale for 300 attendees

- Assisted w/deployed children's picnic; planned/set-up/led games--successful QoL affair for 180 wing families

- Selfless; volunteered for set-up/tear-down of 31 AMXS Resiliency Day--wingman concepts instilled to 31 FW

- Lead cook for yrly Sq picnic; organized/prep'd meals for 300 mbrs--MXS/CC lauded "Best ever in my 26 yrs"


- Vol'd 3+hrs for Wing OAY; coord set-up, decorations, comm--bolstered morale for 508 attendees

- Contributed 6 hrs to sq sports day; prep'd food/drink--fostered teamwork/espirit de corps & ascertained $250

- Coord'd cookout for 500 Osan Amn; spt'd depl'd spouses dinner for 200 attendees--exemplified esprit de corps

- Spearheaded 2 Acq Flt Friday cookouts; organized personnel/supplies and cooked--fostered unity of 7 mems

- Spt'd 12 Deployed Spouses Dinner events; prep'd fac/cooked/served meals--boosted morale for KAB spouses

- Vol'd 7 hrs; planned/executed 5 CONS Jan morale event; made pizza by hand for 35 mems!--boosted sq morale

- Participated in Airmen Committed to Excellence burger burn fundraiser--sales generated proceeds over $500

- Assisted sq party committee; prepared food during two fund raisers--earned >$850 for annual MPoY Banquet

- Community organizer; devoted 15 hrs to party set up & tear down--62 people attended/family morale bolstered

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