Peer Review EPR Bullets

- Directed peer review prgm; 17 providers/471 records scrutinized--guaranteed 100% documentation accuracy

- Directed peer revs; rvwd 200 encounters/4.8K line items id'd 18 discreps--staff documentation 98% compliant

- Flight Peer Review Monitor; reviewed 650 encounters--confirmed proper medical documentation/8K patients

- Flt peer review mgr; stan process/tracked 600 pt recs--99% doc compliance/"Outstanding" AAAHC insp

- Led clinical tng; edu'd/25 technicians on wart CSSP/injection placement/--fortified pt safety/peer rvw up 40%

- Led peer review; coord'd 48 cross checks/insp'd 480 records--maintained credentials x4 providers/spt'd 35K pts yrly

- Led PI f/Flt peer rvw; train'd alts, partnered w/rads to transcribe results--maintain'd accountability/dx's f/600 patients

- Org'd clnc peer review/7 providers; deleted 2 mo backlog/corrected 23 errors; gauranteed AAAHC conformity

- Processed 550 provider peer reviews; identified 90 documentation discrepancies; 100% compliant w/standard

- Pulled 100 med records for peer review; audited/reviewed 8 providers' documention--met AF inspection std

- Reoriented peer review pgm; verified standard of care--coord'd w/12 MH providers overseeing <25 docs

- Spearheaded implementation of peer review; coordinated 300+ chart reviews for 10 techs--med record errors <5%

- Streamlin'd ADAPT lab collection deficiency; creat'd checklist/coord'd med review--prgm HSI/AFI compliant

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